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Booking With Orbitz

Fri May 27, 2011 3:05 am

Here is a deal,
I am trying to book the tickets through since 1:30PM Mountain time for my travel to Europe in July.....
The price what is shown on the web site and I am willing to pay is simply not available.....Isn't that a false advertisement?
Ok, I understand that many people could book the same flight at the same time and I was simply out of luck...but,
after getting an error message at 3pm while at work, I called Orbitz agent, by name Travis, who told me that the flight for that price is not available anymore but for roughly $40 more he could get me on a same route, same flight ( at that moment the flight was still available on for the price I originally tried to book for)...ok..I got home, spent more time on the phone and asked Travis to book the flight for me( for $40 more)! He took my credit card # and told me that he will call me back when all is set and done....
Never heard back from him....
I called back to Orbitz I spoke to guy by name Lenard....
Once again, he was no help and the customer service was more than bad.....never got to book my flight....
The question is......To who do I complain about this mistreating and bad customer service, plus false advertisement.....
Lenard was not even willing to give his supervisor phone number!!!!!!! He just told the name...Eva......
I am about to fail the lawsuit as I am sick and tired to deal with incompetent customer service representatives all around the country!
Let me know if I am crazy and please be aware, DO NOT BOOK WITH ORBITZ.COM!!!
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RE: Booking With Orbitz

Fri May 27, 2011 5:37 am

Honestly, dont bother with them. They are nothing than a fraud. Last, year we tried to book a flight first class on the ANA cube, guess what, it gives you a great price, when you go to book, it says sorry no longer available, the next option is DOUBLE.
The worst part was, they took money from my friend (CC), and held it for 10 days before releasing it.

I really dont understand how such scam sites such as orbitz are allowed to be in business and good on AA for ditching these thieves.
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RE: Booking With Orbitz

Fri May 27, 2011 5:59 am

The pricing issue is likely caused by the airlines. Sometimes they'll change their prices constantly, and the booking page number will be "old". Like for example I've heard of Delta's own website showing an obsolete price too. It's a frustrating game for a passenger.

Now the problems on the phone would truly be an Orbitz issue. I've booked with them online before, and I had no trouble. I still look them up first when checking multiple airlines.
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RE: Booking With Orbitz

Fri May 27, 2011 8:46 am

Quoting Airbalticfan (Thread starter):
Let me know if I am crazy and please be aware, DO NOT BOOK WITH ORBITZ.COM!!!

I use them every day of the week -- have used them since 2003.

I know they're eccentric -- they kept me on the phone for two hours once just changing a flight.

And since their call center is in the Philippines, just be sure you have an agent with clear English articulation.

I have more patience than money (I pay out-of-pocket, and then my job-site reimburses me) so I jump through their hoops.

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