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Help With An Air Canada Question

Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:17 pm

I'm flying between Toronto and Brussels with a stop in Montreal along the way in July. The flight # is AC832. I've been looking at flightware and notice that the first segment of the flight to Montreal is delayed almost all the time, sometimes up to an hour or so. Just curious if anyone has any knowledge as to why and maybe where the aircraft is coming from before arriving in Toronto? For the summer season it was changed to an A330 from a B767. I'm sure the current strike is not helping!
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RE: Help With An Air Canada Question

Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:38 pm

It is hard to tell that far in advance. But today 832 YYZ-YUL-BRU, comes into YYZ as 833 BRU-YUL-YYZ. I would imagine it changes from day to day, but most of the time, it would come in from somewhere in Europe.

Looking at the schedule though, there is a lot of open time planned. About 1:35 in YUL westbound, 1:41 in YYZ for the turnaround, and 1:35 in YUL eastbound. With a schedule like that, most delays should be absorbed.
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RE: Help With An Air Canada Question

Sat Jun 18, 2011 6:48 pm

Quoting novak500 (Thread starter):
For the summer season it was changed to an A330 from a B767.

My unscientific survey says the change hasn't helped on-time performance. Based on near-monthly experience (take it for what you will), the A330 is delayed more often than the 767. Probably has to do with the fact it's much easier to sub a 767 for another in case of a delay at YYZ due to the much larger fleet number (27 vs 8).

Also there are several days in July where the flight is apparently operated by a 767 again. I say "apparently" because both the schedule and booking confirmation will say 333, but the seat map is a 767's. I've asked elsewhere and so far I don't know whether it is indeed a planned sub or the seat map is wrong (hint: ExecutiveFirst ends at row 8 on the 767, 13 on the A330).
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