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Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:38 am


Just thought I'd try and start a thread where people can tell us a little about their local airport. Which one is it. What goes on there. Who are the major airlines. Where can you fly to. What are connections to and from the airport like etc.

Mine is London Gatwick which is about 30 minutes drive from my house. Gatwick was previously run by BAA (British Aviation Authority) who had to sell it because of monopoly laws and is now owned by a more independent company. There is lots of work going on there as a result as the airport gets a makeover from the new owners. The major airlines in Gatwick are European although USAirways has at least one flight daily from the USA as well as Delta. Easyjet are probably the biggest airline there and operate to many destinations in Europe. British Airways is in the North terminal (there are two terminals North and South) and fly a mixture of short haul European flights with mostly 737-400s and long haul flights to the USA and Caribbean with Boeing 777's. Other airlines seen there are FlyBe (Be stands for British European), Aurigny (an airline from Guernsey), Norwegian (a Norwegian low-cost airline), Thomas Cook (British charter airline), First Choice Airways (British charter airline), Emirates (flying Boeing 777's to Dubai), Virgin Atlantic (flying Boeing 747-400's to holiday destinations in the Caribbean I think). That's pretty much all I can think of. Anyway if you feel like it tell us a little about your local airport no matter how big or small.

Many thanks,

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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:23 am

I live right in between MIA & FLL so I guess I have two local airports!

MIA has ton of legacy traffic with the only exception being UA (very minor presence). The airport used to be a hub for many classic airlines such as Pan Am, Eastern, National, and Braniff. Usually with two airlines hubbing at the same time recently now it has only been AA. MIA is also ranked as the 2nd largest international gatewy in the U.S. Due to the large amount of South American and European flights. Historically MIA has been one of the most capable cities ti serve Latin American by being the only current U.S. Gateway to CLO, MAO, CNF, and COR. MIA usually gets 757, 738 , 767, A330 and 777 aircraft. Also not tomention the airport used to have a ton of 747 flights too (still plentiful but not comparable to the 90's). There are 4 terminals. The north terminal (Concourse D) is the main terminal for AA and other one world members. The central terminal (Concourse E, F & G) which handles alot of the European arrivals and Cuban charters. Lastley theres the south terminal (Concourse H & J). Concourse H holds Skyteam, CM, and CO while J holds *A members and is *currently* houses the only A380 capable gate. So as you can see MIA is pretty unique!

FLL has also seen its large share of airlines. Although its unique because it is mostly housed by LCC's. The airport is a hub for NK and 3M and a very large focus city for B6, WN, G4 and FL. While having a very large LCC presence the airport has also had alot of legacy presence. DL currently is the largest legacy with US and CO coming after. The airport alsocan credit its success to the VERY nearby to the cruise port. Sadly you can say FLL is a victim of its own success. FLL used to be alot better than MIA by most people's opinions. Mainly due to the airport having enough customs and immigrations to support the previous number of flights and having less traffic around the previous area. Now due to the fact that only two runways are long enough for anything smaller than a 767 (runway 9 can just barely handle a 747 but runway 13 can only handle up to a 767) and they both intersect each other the airport is pretty much a single runway airport, which is totally unacceptable for the amount of traffic it recieves. Although thankfully there has been plans to extend runway 9R to 8,000 feet over an expressway.. Quite an engineering feat!

As you can see MIA & FLL are my two favorite airports and They definetely deserve to be told about! 
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:43 am

LAX.... enough said!!!  
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 12:05 pm

My local airport is Norwich, NWI :

Current traffic consists of 3x per day KL (usually F70s) to AMS, twice daily Dash 8s of Flybe to both Edinburgh and Manchester, 5 daily to Aberdeen (3 on Eastern's Saabs and 2 on a BMI ERJ), and some summer charter flights. Most charter destinations are once per week, with 2 per week to PMI.

The airport was recently sold by the city council to Omniport, who also own Maastricht, and used to own Prestwick.

There is a council operated park and ride site for the city next to the terminal building, so busses are frequent to the airport every day except Sunday.

There is also an aviation museum on the opposite side of the runway to the terminal, which houses a Vulcan, a Nimrod, an F27, a Herald, and several smaller aircraft and small items.

Also to the north, an area of the airfield is used as a boneyard. When I last looked last week ( there were 2x Arik Air B737s stored there, as well as 3x BAe 146s, one in Air France colours, one in Northwest Airlines, and a 3rd plain white.

Flights booked: NWI-AMS-JNB-DUR, JNB-AMS-NWI
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 2:34 pm

Well, would you look at all those nice airports with commercial service! And all I've got is CYPQ...

The main business at the airport is Flying Colours Corp, which does interiors (factory-fresh and renovations) on anything up to CRJ/DH8 size, so while most of the aircraft parked there are business jets, we do see a few CRJs still wearing the airline paint schemes (and just recently an ex? IB DHC8!) but no commercial service... We're just too close to CYYZ for that, though who knows what may happen down the road if they don't turn Pickering (about half hour closer than YYZ) into the new GTA airport...

Other then them there are a few maintenance and avionics shops around, as well as one charter service (Vector Air) and a flight school (WM Aero). It's a nice little school, only 2 years old and just introduced the amazing new C152   

In the new development on the field we've got a nice 'terminal' on the way, with the ever-present Runway Cafe for good sunday brunches. The runway was just extended to 7000 ft as well, which is enough for anything up to about 737 size IIRC, so I'm hoping that we'll see Flying Colours take on even larger aircraft!
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:12 pm

There are 2 local airports near DC, but I usually fly out of Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). It is conveniently located at a mass transit stop, and there are a lot of flights to local destinations. The main operators there are DL and US Express. While it is convenient, it is not a spotters' delight. Mostly, there are many regional jets, and the occasional 737 or A319/20. The only international flights are to places with US preclearance, like YYZ, YUL, and NAS. I flew AC to YYZ once as a 7 year old. Just north of the airport, there is a good place to watch the planes land right over you. DCA is a good airport, but only for regional services.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:17 pm

DSA - Doncaster/Sheffield Robin Hood International Airport

I think it's the longest official name of an airport in the world. It's plain boring, about 30 mins car drive from me. It has very little traffic, mostly holidays and Wizzair to Poland! It was opened in 2005 by a Thomson B737 flight to Spain (Alicante or Tenerife) It's owned by the Peel Airports group which also owns LPL and MME. It serves about 900 000 people a year, however it's gonna fall this year since U2 has withdrawn. Main airline is Thomson, with holiday routes and therefore it's active during the summer. The main scheduled airline is W6 with flights to Warsaw, Katowice, Gdansk, Poznan, Wrocklow and Vilnius. Flybe is another important airline to airport serving Belfast City and Jersey. From 6th September a virtual airline, HiAir will launch daily flights to Amsterdam on a Jetsream 31 aircraft.

The airport was featured in the BBC mock up series "Come fly with me" which was broadcasted in early 2011. It has been featured in Emmerdale and Hustle. Most popular route is Palma De Mallorca, followed by Alicante, Katowice and Gdansk. DSA has also welcomed aircraft such as Antonov 225 and Boeing 747.

I really hope that the airport will expand, but it seems doubtful as Leeds and Manchester are stealing the traffic.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:57 pm

Quoting aivisavia (Reply 6):
The airport was featured in the BBC mock up series "Come fly with me"

I thought they used STN for Come fly with me?

With passenger traffic of 9,678,737 meaning it is the worlds 4th busiest airport, I live next door to London Heathrow.

Currently have flights taking off overhead as they are on 27R departures this afternoon
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:32 pm

Quoting lhr380 (Reply 7):
I live next door to London Heathrow.

Wow..I've flown over your head a thousand times  

I'm halfway between Gatwick and Heathrow. It's quicker to get to Gatwick but the ride from Heathrow is more interesting.
and with that..cabin crew, seats for landing please.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:34 pm

My close one at the moment is BDL. Some airlines are WN,DL,B6,CO/UA,US,AA,AC,F9. Some Cargo ops are FX, and UPS, who has a hub at BDL. Bombardier also has a sizeable facility on the airport. There is also an ANG base that used to have A-10s. Not sure what they have now. Some destinations served are MSP,DTW,ATL,JFK,DCA,PBI,CVG,RDU,CUN by DL. AA flies to ORD, DFW, MIA, and SJU. AC flies to YUL and YYZ. CO flies to EWR and CLE. B6 flies to FLL and MCO. WN flies to BWI, MCO, LAS, MDW, TPA, BNA, and FLL. UA flies to ORD and IAD. US flies to CLT, RDU, PHL, LGA, PIT. Um Wow thats a lot more than I realized. It looks like so much written down.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:12 pm

Quoting Babybus (Reply 8):
Wow..I've flown over your head a thousand times  

You must fly a hell of a lot, I only moved in on the 15th lol
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:35 pm

My local airport is SMF. It opened in 1967 to replace SAC, which had no room for expansion (SAC is now a GA airport). In the late 1990s a second terminal opened, dubbed Terminal A. In the early 2000s the airport received its first international service, a daily Mexicana flight to GDL. The current service here is pretty typical of a mid-sized airport, with service from all the legacy airlines to most major hubs, and Southwest to most major West Coast cities and many of their big focus cities. Southwest has roughly a 50% market share here. Mexicana is now gone, but AS is flying to GDL 3x a week, and Aeromexico will be starting daily service soon. A new terminal is currently under construction to replace the outdated 1967 Terminal B, and is slated to open late this year.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:49 pm

When I was still living at home, Hopedale Industrial Airport (1B6) was the closest airport to me..

I used to drive by sometimes, and I was certain that the weeds growing up through the runways cracks were kept in order by aircraft propellers.

Not a bad little place though...some airplanes based there and some relics too.

Now, closest is Boston-Logan. Kind of an upgrade  
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 23, 2011 2:31 am

Quoting jonathanxxxx (Reply 1):
I live right in between MIA & FLL so I guess I have two local airports!

Well I live much closer to MIA but yep ditto MIA and FLL here. DCA used to be my local airport but moved back down to Miami this summer. I will say DCA is IMO the best airport in the United States for domestic travels.

Quoting jonathanxxxx (Reply 1):
. FLL used to be alot better than MIA by most people's opinions

Key word used to be. FLL really is worse then MIA these days. 5-7 years ago I never thought I would say that.

Just to add lets not forget MIA is the largest cargo airport in the US in terms of International Frieght and the 4th largest cargo airport in the country. Also MIA is one of the few airports in the US which has narrow body service from airlines from Europe with AF daily A320 flight to PAP and seasonal to SDQ. Also MIA has a lot of different traffic with airplanes from all over the world coming in to use the maintence faciilites and even Russian Aircraft which are based in Florida flying into MIA for cargo ops. MIA also see's its fair share of older jets such as DC-10s, 747-200s and 727s from many cargo operators. IMO and I am sure to many it is one of the best spotting airports in the world.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:41 am

My local airport is ADL. It is the 5th busiest airport in Australia.

The dominant carrier is QF with frequent flights to MEL and SYD every day, as well as flights to PER, BNE, CBR, DRW, ASP, Port Lincoln. DJ has a large presence in ADL with the same destinations as QF, plus OOL, CNS, HBA. JQ, TT, ZL also fly into Adelaide. The major international presence is from Asia with SQ, MH, CX, QF and NZ with flights to SIN, KUL, HKG and AKL. The airport is currently going through at $100 million upgrade including new control tower, multistory carpark, new shopping areas etc. Expected to be completed by the end of 2012.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:40 am

My former home airport and my namesake, GRB - Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport, is presently served by American Eagle/American Connection with ERJ-145 service to ORD, Delta/Delta Connection with CRJ-200/CRJ-900/E-175/MD-90/A319 service to DTW & MSP, Continental Express with ERJ-145 service to CLE, Frontier with A319 service to DEN & ERJ-135/145 service to MKE, and United Express with ERJ-145/CRJ-200 to ORD.

It was, at one time, a mini-hub for North Central Airlines, before they began to focus their efforts on MSP & DTW and has historically been a NC/RC/NW/DL stronghold. Some of the other airlines that have come and gone include USAir, Pan Am Express/Empire, Midway, Midwest Connect/Skyway, Air Wisconsin, Allegiant (which now serves nearby ATW), Chicago Express Airlines/ATA Connection, and Continental mainline.


My new home airport is PHX - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. It is a hub for US Airways and Southwest, and US's corporate headquarters is located in suburban Tempe. Mesa Airlines also maintains a maintenance facility at the airport. PHX is served by nearly every major US carrier, and has international service from Aeroméxico Connect (ERJ-145 service to HMO), Air Canada (A319 service to YYZ and E-190 service to YYL), British Airways (B747-400 service to LHR), and WestJet (B737-700/800 service to YYC, YEG, YVR, and YWG).

Flown on: Air Wisconsin, America West, American, Compass, Delta, Endeavor Air, Envoy, ExpressJet, GoJet, KLM, Mesa, Mesaba, Midwest Express, Northwest, Piedmont, Pinnacle, PSA, Skyway, SkyWest, United, US Airways
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:58 pm


Just wanted to say many thanks for the replies. Has been cool reading them. I think I like airports even more than I like airplanes but I'm not sure!

Many thanks,

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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:11 pm

Quoting Ps76 (Reply 16):
Just wanted to say many thanks for the replies. Has been cool reading them. I think I like airports even more than I like airplanes but I'm not sure!
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:47 pm

Quoting Airportugal310 (Reply 17):

Hey, that's SMF! My local airport is famous!
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:28 am

Tampa and St. Pete. St. Pete is closer but not a lot of traffic from airlines. They only have three gates and two UPS planes that never move. The terminals are small too. Mostly private jets.
Tampa is very predictable. the traffic pattern is nothing surprising and the airlines and a/c are the same. not a spotters delight either. also, I feel the terminals are outdated in every way. I do like the easy access for plane spotting and the workers are friendly too.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Fri Jun 24, 2011 1:24 am


JFK is the main hub for JetBlue. . Although most people hate JFK (they have a reason to) It's my favorite airport, I love all the variety of international airlines and A/C. And of course, it's home to JetBlue and one of Delta's Hub (two of my favorite US AIrline) I often take the airtrain around JFK just for fun  
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:22 pm

I think we have a great little airport at RNO. It is larger than you would expect for a city the size of Reno because of the large volume of visitor traffic to Reno and Lake Tahoe.

For a resident, quick access to the Reno freeways is great. It usually takes only a minute or two from the parking garage to the freeway. Parking is very close to the terminal. Usually I can park just across the street in a covered garage. Long-term parking just means you go one floor up. There is a covered bridge to the terminal.

Once inside there is free wi-fi while you wait, and even free local phone calls. They have set up special waiting areas with lots of electrical outlets for people charging their computers and phones. There are also plenty of slot machines (this is Nevada!) that feature some of the worst odds in the state to make sure the visitors can spend their last dollar in Nevada before they leave.

The food is mediocre, but edible. It is improving, and may change a lot next year when the current landside food court is removed to build a new security facility to replace the two that exist now. That will free space airside for more food and shops. The airport is frequently updated so even though the building is about 50 years old the updated ticketing and baggage areas are fairly new. RNO may have one of the nicer bag claim areas in the US. It's light and airy, not some harshly lit basement. All that is done with no taxpayer money, just airline fees and concession income.

Reno is served by WN (the biggest), AA, UA, DL, Alaska, US. I only regret that there aren't many direct or non-stops to the east coast.

One refreshing thing about RNO is that the attitudes of passengers, staff, and even the TSA seems to be a bit more low key and relaxed than a big city airport. Few people seem rushed because the airport is easy to get to and security lines are usually short (except at 7-8AM). I don't get the feeling of being herded like cattle or packed like sardines in the waiting area.

If you ever fly into RNO be sure to heed the advice about wearing your seat belt tight. The runways are mostly north/south (16-34) because there are mountains east and west. The wind is frequently gusty from the west. That results in very interesting cross-wind landings. For flying fans it can be better than a roller coaster.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:00 pm

My local airport is DAY. Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary here. Mostly just flights to primary hubs for the legacies and we're fortunate enough to have a couple LCCs that help keep fares reasonable at DAY.


DL, AA, FL, and F9 bring in mainline. Everything else is on RJ's.

Over Christmas I saw an Air Canada B1900 bound for YYZ. Not sure if the service still exist or not.

The terminal is pretty simple. A couple of food options past security, including a Max & Erma's. Usually you can show up about 75 to 60 minutes before your flight and be fine though (except during the early AM bank where just about every airline has a flight departing to each of their hubs between 6 and 8 - security can take quite a while during that time).
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sat Jun 25, 2011 3:39 am

My local airport: HEL

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Photo © Janne Laukkonen
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Photo © Janne Laukkonen

*Basic facts*

Opened 1952 for Summer Olympics in Helsinki.
Located 17km north of Helsinki city centre, in the suburbian city of Vantaa.

Runways: 3
Terminals: 2
Passengers: 12,9 million (2010)
Non-stop destinations: 120
Airlines: 33
Employees: 20,000

Speciality: Europe-Asia connections, scheduled service to 10 destinations in Asia: BKK DEL HKG ICN PVG PEK NGO KIX NRT SIN

360-panorama views:

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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:01 pm

Just like Babybus I live halfway between LGW LHR and I guess the same distance from LCY.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:32 am

My local airport is Kodiak (ADQ)

We get 2 737-400's a day from AS. They change it up throughout the year, usually 1 is a combi and 1 is a regular -400. Sometimes during the winter they cut back to 1 flight a day. Era Alaska (7H) has 4 or 5 flights a day. Mostly Dash-8-100's but they also bring in the occasional Beechcraft 1900D. Northern Air Cargo brings in 737-200C's, Alaska Central Express brings in Beech 1900C's on cargo runs and Transnorthern airlines brings cargo in on a Metro. There are a number of small air carriers that fly Piper Saratogas and Britten Norman Islanders around the island. Other small carriers fly Beavers, Widgeons and Cessna 206's. They occasionally come Kodiak Airport but more often they are down at the seaplane base or the lake where most of the seaplane operations are.

There is also a Coast Guard base so we have a lot of HC-130 ops as well as Jayhawk and Dolphin helicopter ops. Sometimes C-17's will come in and bring missiles into Kodiak as we have a launch site just out of town.

Here are some pictures of the airport:
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:48 am

The nearest airport of any description to me at 12 km (6.5 nm) is Redcliffe Airport (YRED) A tiny GA aviation most used for flight training.

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Photo © Julian Adams

Located at Eagle Farm 20km (11nm) away Brisbane International Airport (BNE/YBBN) is my closest main airport.

Brisbane Airport first opened in 1925 although most of the traffic used Archerfield airport south of Brisbane. During WW2 was a large USAF military base after the end of WW2 airline operations where transferred from Archerfield to Brisbane, Archerfield remains a large GA airport to this day. as the city of Brisbane grew the airport became to small to cater for the city in 1970 the Government controversially resumed the neighbourhood of Cribb Island expand the airport to the north to enable large aircraft to fly overseas without restrictions this was completed in 1988 with the opening of current runway 01/19 and Domestic Terminal. A new International Terminal followed in 1995. In 1998 Brisbane Airport was privatised on a 99 year lease to Brisbane Airport Corporation an consortium led by Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In 2005 Brisbane was awarded the IATA Eagle award the only other Australian airport to win this award was Melbourne Tullamarine Airport in 2003.

Today Brisbane is Australia's third largest airport having just cracked 20 million passengers per annum. Virgin Australia is Headquartered at Brisbane in addition Qantas and Jetstar both have large operational bases at the airport.

Domestic Operations

Aeropelican - Narrabri
Brindabella Airlines - Coffs Harbour, Moree and Tamworth
Jetstar - Adelaide, Avalon, Cairns, Darwin, Hamilton Island, Launceston, Mackay, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Prosperpine, Sydney and Townsville
Qantas - Adelaide, Alice Springs, Broome (Seasonal), Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Karratha, Melbourne, Mount Isa, Perth, Sydney and Townsville
Qantaslink - Barcaldine, Biloela, Blackall, Bundaberg, Charleville, Emerald, Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Longreach, Lord Howe Island, Mackay, Moranbah, Newcastle, Rockhampton and Roma
Skytrans - Bedourie, Birdsville, Boulia, Charleville, Cunnamulla, Mount Isa, Quilpie, St George, Thargomindah, Toowoomba and Windorah
Strategic Airlines - Gladstone, Port Hedland and Townsville
Tiger Airways - Avalon and Melbourne
Virgin Australia - Adelaide, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Hamilton Island, Hobart, Mackay, Melbourne, Perth, Prosperpine, Rockhampton, Sydney and Townsville

International Operations

Air Caledonie International - Noumea
Air New Zealand - Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin (Seasonal), Queenstown (Seasonal) and Wellington
Air Niugini - Port Moresby
Air Pacific - Nadi
Air Vanuatu - Espiritu Santo and Port Vila
Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong
China Airlines - Auckland and Taipei
China Southern - Guangzhou
Emirates - Auckland, Dubai and Singapore
Etihad - Abu Dhabi and Singapore
EVA Air - Taipei
Jetstar - Christchurch and Denpasar
Korean Air - Seoul
Malaysia Airlines - Kuala Lumpur
Norfolkair - Norfolk Island
Our Airline - Honiara and Nauru
Pacific Blue - Auckland, Christchurch, Denpasar, Dunedin, Hamilton, Honiara, Nadi, Port Moresby, Port Vila, Queenstown and Wellington
Polynesian Blue - Apia
Qantas - Auckland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Manila, Mumbai, Noumea, Queenstown (Seasonal) and Singapore
Royal Brunei Air - Bandar Seri Begawan (Pulling out in August)
Singapore Airlines - Singapore
Solomon Airlines - Honiara
Strategic Airlines - Denpasar and Phuket
Thai Airways - Bangkok
V Australia - Los Angeles

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Photo © Andreas Mueller - Spotterteam Graz
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Photo © Julian Adams

A couple of interesting tidbits
- Brisbane airport was the termination point of the first transpacific flight Oakland-Brisbane piloted by Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm in 1928.

- Brisbane was the first airport in the southern hemisphere to see the Airbus A380 in 2005.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:18 pm

Mine is the red-headed stepchild of LAX : Ontario International (ONT), aka The "Rodney Dangerfield" of Southern California airport
The predominate operator here is WN , with most other passenger airlines just flying to their western regional hubs, with the exception of once dally DL flight to ATL.
The Breakdown:
DL/DL Connection: SLC,ATL
All narrowbody ac(737's, A320's, MD80's, and rj's)
with some occasional Miltary charters thrown
the International operations fall into a once a day category, too, with an AM flight to GDL
We have a substantial UPS cargo hub, and Fedex has a smaller operation.
And you've probably seen ONT and not realized it, as it's used a Filming location, usually billed as LAX(the Tv series LAX was filmed here, for example.)
some examples
They have a De-engined 727 that's set up for filming.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:36 pm

PER is one of those airports in Australia where domestic and international terminals are situated at different ends of the airport, thereby necessitating a 15 minute car trip or a 20 minute bus ride for international/domestic transfers. Although I don't know too much detail about the work that's currently under way, there is a planned link between the two terminals to effect faster transfer times for passengers. Work is also planned for a new observation deck  

PER is an A330-lover's heaven. Countless QF and JQ domestic flights on A332/A333s aside, DJ now operate the A332 PER-SYD once daily, SQ flies A333s SIN-PER thrice daily; CX flies A333 10 times weekly from HKG-PER; one of MH's KUL-PER flight is operated by the A333; as is TG's BKK-PER flight. QF international flights from PER-SIN and HKG are also operated by A333s. SA operates the A343/A346 to PER as well, so it really is great if you're a fan of Airbus widebodies.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:35 pm

Ours is BZN, Gallatin Field Airport, Bozeman, in beautiful south/western Montana.
It is currently being expanded to pretty much double the size of the main terminal, which is still smaller than most others!! LOL
But I would not trade it for any other airport, small or large, BZN is just perfect.
On a day to day basis, the largest aircraft to visit here would be the A320/B737, occasionally we see a B757, although Air Force One did come here when Obama played golf!!
The main terminal is great, kind of a log cabin large barn big open air design, you really know you've arrived in west!
From now until end of August it will be very busy with summer vacationers from all over the USA and the world arriving on a daily basis, who come here to fly fish, visit Yellowstone National Park and he endless wonders of the Rocky Mountains, rivers, valleys and more!
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:14 pm

One of my three airports that I consider "local" is Shannon Airport (SNN)

One of the most important international hubs in the 20th century as a refuelling stop between Europe and the Americas, Shannon lost a lot of its importance during the advent of the Jet Age. Shannon was the first airport outside of North America to open a US immigration station for all outbound flights to the US in 1986, and in 2009 full customs and agriculture checks were added to this under the US Customs and Border Protection.

Shannon has undoubtadly taken the worst hit from the worldwide recession in Irish terms with passenger numbers declining from its peak in 2006 at 3.6 million passengers to 1.8 million in 2010. Ryanair maintained a sizable base at Shannon prior to 2009 with up to five based-aircraft. Today FR bases just one 737 here which has contributed to the sharp decrease.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:24 pm

Quoting lhr380 (Reply 7):
I thought they used STN for Come fly with me?

Indeed they did, but many of the scenes where filmed at the Doncaster airport. Such as the burger boy (funnily someone compared him to me since I also want to be a pilot and work at McDonalds lol), the tree interview at the front of the airport. The nude man...?

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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:40 pm

PER is my local airport and is only a few minute drive away. To add to what CXB77L has written, work has commenced at PER to relocate the domestic terminal to the current international terminal. A link road across airport land has been opened and this reduces the transfer time between the two.

The current international terminal will be expanded to be able to handle both domestic and international flights and be made A380 capable (the runway is but their are no A380 capable gates at present). This will enable carriers like QF, SQ and EK, airlines that currently serve PER, to introduce that aircraft into service here.

There will also be a dedicated terminal for intrastate flights to serve the booming mining sector. This is planned to be a single storey structure allowing a walk onto the plane - i.e. no jet bridges will be required.

To accommodate this expansion, the total area will be increased including baggage handling and customs, etc. At this stage it is envisioned that QF will continue some of its domestic services from the current domestic terminal. DJ will be moving to the collocated terminal when space is available.

There are plans to build a third runway, parallel with the existing north- south runway on the other side of the international terminal, but this has hit a snag with a case due to a lessee of some airport land objecting to the erection of navigation lights on land that is leased, citing a need for future (unspecified) expansion of a brick works on that land. So the new runway is on hold at present.

Some of the detail is included in this page from the operator of Perth Airport.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:43 pm

I've already told you about SMF, which is my local airport in the sense that it's the closest airport to me with commercial passenger service, but really the airport closest to me is MHR, which is also worth a mention here. MHR was originally Mather Air Force Base, which closed in 1993. In 1995 it reopened as Sacramento Mather Airport. The airport sees a lot of GA traffic, corporate jets, and air taxi service, and there's also a sizable cargo operation. UPS sends numerous 757s, 767s, and A300s here. ABX Air still has one daily flight on behaf of DHL. Intel bases its ERJ-135 corporate shuttles here. There's still some military traffic as well; I often see T-38s on approach, and occasionally KC-135s and KC-10s. The most interesting things about MHR, though, is that Boeing sometimes does test flights here. The 787 and the 747-8 have both been recent visitors.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:50 pm

HRL is my local airport...we have 5x daily XE flights, around 7x daily WN flights, 2-3x daily FX flights depending on the season (2 A310's and a 727), 1x daily UP flight (757), then we have seasonal SY flights and mix of DHL and ABX was cool to see the flights when i was in class...then near my university i have BRO which has 5x daily XE flights, 2x daily MQ flights and starting JUL15 we will have 5D 2 weekly flights 
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:30 pm

My local airport is BDO, it is around 15 minutes ride from my house so it is quite close and I can hear some noise of the bigger planes (A320,737) when they are landing/taking off.

BDO is an international airport, but there is not much international flight in/out out because Bandung is only 2/3 hour from CGK, and so many people tend to fly from/to there because more choices and destinations. Little bit more about the airport, is that it has one runway but unfortunately that is the maximum BDO can have because it is located in the middle of the city and no upgrading can be done, since it is surrounded by a very populous housing residents. For info Bandung have a population of 2,3 million peoples.

There is some big airlines that have flight in/out BDO, such as QZ, MH, FY, MZ, Wings Air, Sriwijaya Air and two small airlines Susi Air and Sky Aviation.

International Routes:
- KUL (QZ & MH)
- SIN (QZ)
- JHB (FY)

Domestic Routes:
- DPS (QZ)
- BTH (MZ)
- HLP (Susi Air)
- JOG (MZ & Wings Air)
- SUB (MZ & Sriwijaya Air)
- MES (QZ)
- SOC (Sky Aviation)
- TKG (Sky Aviation)
- WI1A (Susi Air)


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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:09 pm

Quoting aivisavia (Reply 6):
DSA - Doncaster/Sheffield Robin Hood International Airport

. It's plain boring,

It might be a little sedate these days but don't forget it's history when it was RAF Finningley. XH558 "lives" there too now which has to raise it's cool factor a few notches.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:09 am

My local airport is SAV - Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in Savannah, Georgia. There is an airport (HHH/HXD) on HIlton Head Island, some 40 miles away, but it is only served by US Express/Piedmont using the Dash 8-100 series due to the short runway. With 887,000 movements last year, SAV ranks only behind ATL for traffic in Georgia. We all know that ATL continues to move more of humanity than anywhere else on earth.

SAV was developed as a WPA project before WWII as Chatham Army Airfield. The airfield is jointly used by the Georgia Air National Guard's 165th Airlift Wing (AMC) flying the C-130H Hercules aircraft. Hunter Army Airfield is a few miles away. DL has been flying jets there since 1965 with the DC-9  . It's also got a number of    on the property--in the path of, underneath, or near the runway, I was never sure which was the right story.

What I love about this airport is that it's served by DL mainline. I don't do RJ's well due to some claustrophobia, so I can choose an A319, DC95, or MD88 if I don't want to fly with ASA that day. It's also great for spotting as the cell phone lot is right near the runway and the ticketing area has glass on either end allowing me to see ramp movements if I'm there to pick someone up and not traveling. The atrium area is also decidedly southern:

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Photo © Andrew Hunt - AirTeamImages
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Photo © Andrew Hunt - AirTeamImages

V2 - VPS
G4 - FLL
DH8 E135/145/175/190 CR2/7/9 A319/20/21 A332/3 D95 M80/83/88/90/95 737/8/9 752/3 763/4 77L
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:39 am

I live in Hollywood (CA) and for us - or the savvy tourist - the nearest airport is BUR.

BUR is one of five commercial airports (the others being LAX, SNA, ONT, and LGB) that serves Greater Los Angeles, a megalopolis home to nearly 18 million people. Of course, LAX serves the lions share of airlines and pax, and all regularly scheduled long haul international passenger traffic goes there. Still, BUR and the other L.A. "regional" airports play a crucial role, both by alleviating congestion at LAX and bolstering the economies of the bedroom communities that they serve.

Squeezed between the cities of Burbank and Los Angeles, BUR lies right in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. In fact, it is the only commercial airport serving "the valley". It takes its name from the city of Burbank, which is home to just over 100,000 people and several major media/entertainment corporations. Still, I feel as though using the name "Burbank" may no longer be appropriate. The name "Burbank" just doesn't resonate with many travelers that would like to visit L.A., but aren't at all familiar with the area. For better or worse, "the valley" is far better known throughout America (and probably the world) than the relatively small and nondescript city of Burbank itself. Just as SNA has long abandoned the "Santa Ana" moniker for better known "Orange County" and ISP has moved away from the name "Islip" in favor of "Long Island", I've always thought BUR would be better off calling itself the "San Fernando Valley Airport". But hey, what do I know.

Yes, when I said "squeezed" in the previous paragraph, I meant it. BUR was once considered to be state of the art and massive, but this was back in the early prop era when it was the primary airport serving Los Angeles and LGA was thought to be a white elephant. By the 1940s, BUR already found itself hemmed in by urban and residential development. Fortunately for the city/area, what is now LAX was at that time out in the boonies, with plenty of room for expansion in order to meet the needs of the coming jet era.

Today, BUR has some of the shortest runways serving mainline jets anywhere in the country. The 6,886 and 5,801 ft runways are in and of themselves extremely short by modern jet standards. The situation is further complicated by the mountainous terrain surrounding the airport, the extreme summertime heat (triple digit temperatures are common throughout the summer), and urban encroachment on all sides of the airport that leaves absolutely no room for error. Oh, and the terminal is dangerously close to the active runways too! The airport blatantly fails to meet a number of current safety standards, but with absolutely no room for expansion the authorities can do little more than grandfather it in...

As for the terminal itself, it hasn't changed much since it opened in the late 1960s. A modern replacement was proposed following longtime tenant Lockheed's departure from the airport (making scarce land available for such a project), but after vociferous local opposition the airport sold the land and conceded to voters that it would not seek further expansion or even improvement attempts. That means that the ground level terminal building, outdoor baggage facility, and other antiquated quirks of the airport can be enjoyed by travelers well into the future. Just don't expect many fancy bells and whistles when you use the airport  .

In terms of airline service, BUR is dominated by WN. Although the carrier operates dozens of daily flights, they merely comprise "shuttle" operations to nearby OAK, SJC, SMF, LAS, and PHX. Service to DEN will (finally) commence in August, giving BUR the wonderful distinction of being the very last Western station to be linked to that burgeoning "hub". Still, would it kill WN to add a few more nonstop markets, like SFO, RNO, MDW, and/or HOU? I think all of those would do very well. By the way, BUR is the only place you can board a WN jet by stairs. A lack of jetways is another great feature of this aging airport!

WN shares the rather spacious Terminal "A" (don't be fooled, it's all one continuous terminal building, albeit not linked airside) with B6 and US. B6 snatched up the old AQ gates and added JFK-BUR as part of strategy to serve L.A. through various convenient alternates to LAX. Ultimately they did add LAX, but fortunately JFK-BUR remains - BUR's only nonstop link to an airport east of the Mississippi. B6 also serves LAS, but apparently only as a way to boost aircraft utilization between the transcon missions. US took over an established HP operation at BUR, but mainline service quietly disappeared after the merger (but, to my great surprise, they later brought it back!). Today only service to PHX remains (mostly flown by YV CR9s); LAS-BUR was a very early casualty of the LAS hub cuts, meaning that it was probably never a very strong route for them.

Then there is Terminal "B", where you find AA, AS/QX, DLC (OO) and UAX (OO) crammed into a woefully small space. I would hate to see what it was like when UA and DL were still sending mainline to BUR! Even today, between the AS 737s to SEA, AA mad dogs to DFW, and the barbie jets to PDX, SLC, SFO, and DEN (surely I don't have to tell you who flies where), the place can make LAX feel like a breath of fresh air.

Recent notable services at BUR include SX, which chose to use BUR as its Los Angeles gateway. To this day I wonder how those flights to CMH and GSO did. AQ served the airport, but apparently suffered from serious performance issues. I guess the chance of profitable Hawaiian flights from BUR, especially in this era of high fuel prices, is next to none if even the 73G couldn't get out with an acceptable payload. DL had a daily 757 to ATL, and UA was still an all-mainline operation in the early 2000s!
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:56 am

Mine is ACY... completely dominated by NK at this point with 14 daily flights, with FL doing 2 daily to ATL... in the midst of a terminal expansion which will add 4 gates (we have currently have 5) and an FIS facility... also have SkyKing with 2 based 737-200's and Falcon Air with 1 based MD-83 covering the charters for the casinos.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 30, 2011 10:52 am

Quoting GBLKD (Reply 36):

Yes, that is rather interesting but the routes from the airport are just boring, imo.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:06 pm

Having relocated to Bradenton, FL, my home airport is now Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, run by the Sarasota Manatee Aviation Authority, the only airport operator in the world with a large fat sea creature in its name. It sits right on the border between Sarasota and Manatee Counties, with about half of the terminal, most of the runways and taxiways, and the three FBOs in Manatee County, with the rest of the terminal and the car parks in Sarasota. The current terminal opened in 1989.

The airport has service from:

Air Canada (seasonal service to Toronto)
AirTran (Atlanta, Baltimore, and Chicago-Midway year-round, and seasonal to Boston and Milwaukee)
Delta (Atlanta year-round, and seasonally to Cincinnati and Detroit)
JetBlue (New York-Kennedy and Boston, Boston is AFAIK Sat-only in low season)
US Airways (Charlotte and DC-National)

It's not exactly a spotter's paradise - MadDogs, A320s and E190s from B6, one DL 757 a day, 717s from FL, and RJs from US. I have seen a 737 from FL on occasion, and I think US may run one or two mainline jets a day in the winter.

The airport's biggest drawback is lack of connectivity to the OneWorld or Star alliances - CO pulled out a few years ago and AA's experiment with Eagle service to Miami didn't catch on. SRQ is included in the JetBlue-American partnership to JFK (but not to BOS for some reason), so there's a back-door connection to OneWorld, but that's it.

On the other hand, the airport is compact, friendly (even most of the TSA agents!), has free wi-fi, and while the colour scheme is a little dated the gate areas are comfortable. And it has a statue of a manatee - what other airport in the world can say that?  

All in all, I quite like it.

But, admittedly, there are times it just doesn't get the job done, so I have to switch to my next-nearest airport, TPA. I'm a big fan of TPA too, it's friendly, big enough to offer lots of flights (although very limited internationally) but small enough to not be a pain in the butt, and well designed.

Quoting goblin211 (Reply 19):
I feel the terminals are outdated in every way.

Just curious, in what way do you feel TPA's terminals are "outdated"?

I have to admit Airside "F" is showing its age (originally opened in 1987), but the rest of the airsides are much newer, the groundside terminal has been completely remodeled, and the airport has a good array of shops (without feeling like a shopping mall), free wi-fi, and fast access from short-term parking.

Quoting aivisavia (Reply 6):
DSA - Doncaster/Sheffield Robin Hood International Airport

I think it's the longest official name of an airport in the world.

Not sure about longest, but quite probably the silliest...  

I think it may be the only one in the world that has a fictional character in its name. Although there's at least one other that has a fictional character in its logo.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:18 pm

Which one to chose? There are so many choices for me LOL! I guess I'll choose the one right down the road from me, FRG.

They have quite the history for aviation. From their website:

Occupying 526 acres in East Farmingdale, New York, Republic Airport is one of 12 airports on Long Island. The original airport layout plan (ALP) was prepared in 1927 and was adopted shortly thereafter. Republic Airport was originally developed by Sherman Fairchild and began operation in the Spring of 1928. During these early years the flying field was used to test aircraft made by Fairchild, American, Grumman and Seversky.

In 1965, Fairchld Hiller Corporation acquired Republic Airport and sold it to Farmingdale Corporation. In December 1966, the airport became a general aviation airport. By March 1967, the airport was of interest to the Metropolitian Commuter Transportation Authority as a means of meeting demands of aviation on Long Island. Recognizing the airport as an asset, Metropolitian Transportation Authority two years later aquired the airport at the cost of $25 Million. Ownership of the airport was transferred to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) in April 1983, in order to promote economic development in the surrounding Long Island region. As a general aviation and reliever facility, Republic Airport generates $139 million in economic impact to Nassau and Suffolk Counties each year. Republic Airport is proudly and professionally managed by URS Corporation.

Today, Republic Airport is clearly postured for its many business aviation customers. Airport facilities include two fixed based operators to serve the needs of corporate and light general aviation customers. There is also a two- story terminal building that serves passengers ready to board charter flights to Atlantic City and other short distance destinations. The Main Terminal facility has also accommodated a number of aviation related events open to the public.

Republic Airport is home to The American Air Power Museum and the Long Island Republic Airport Historical Society. The American Air Power Museum welcomes aviation enthusiasts from around the world. The facility offers visitors the opportunity to see and hear WWII aircraft in flight.

Additional info can be found here:

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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:42 am

I have two local airports, MSP and Flying Cloud Municipal (FCM). Both airports are pretty much the same distance from my house.

MSP is the hub of DL and SY. DL provides a large domestic network from MSP, plus flights to a few cities in Canada, vacation destinations in Mexico and MEX, and vacation destinations in the Caribbean. DL also has daily flights from MSP to LHR, CDG, and NRT, and 2-3 daily flights to AMS. SY provides flights to popular vacation destinations from MSP. Other passenger airlines that serve MSP include AA, UA/CO, FL, WN, F9, AC, AS, and US. AC and FI are the only foreign carriers that serve MSP with flights to YYZ (AC) and KEF (FI). For a few years MSP has been renovated and expanded, part of the 2030 project. FedEx, UPS, and Ameriflight are three of the cargo carriers that serve MSP. DL and other legacy carriers (and F9 and AS) fly out of Terminal 1. LCCs, FI, and most charter carriers fly out of Terminal 2.

FCM is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. FCM is a reliever airport for MSP and is used for general aviation purposes. Each summer FCM hosts the Flying Cloud Air Show, a small local air show that has general aviation aircraft, WWII fighters, and helicopters on display. One of the runways at FCM was recently extended to handle larger general aviation aircraft.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:33 am

My home airport is Tel Aviv - David Ben Gurion int'l, TLV. it's 7 km or so from my house, 10-20 minutes by car, depends on traffic.

TLV is the largest airport in Israel, by a long shot, and uses as Israel's main exit and entry gate. Israel is not in Island, but due to the very limited traffic out of Israel by land, absolute majority of the people entering and exiting the country pass via TLV. It's also the main air cargo hub, and the base of all Israeli airlines - El Al, Arkia, Israir and CAL. In 2010 it handled 12 million passengers.

The airport was built by Britain (how ruled Israel till 1948) in 1937, as an RAF base, and it was occupied by Israel during the independence war (july 1948). It was known as 'Lod airport', after the nearby city, and named after Israel's first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, in 1973. In Israel the airport is called "Natbag", after it's initials, and "Tel Aviv airport" is usually refer to Dov Hoz airport.

The airport's tiny terminal was expended and expended all the time, handled all int'l traffic in the airport from 1937 till 2004. In 2004, a new international terminal was opened (T3) and the old terminal is now using as the domestic terminal, now 74 years in consistent use - impressive!

The airport has 3 runways in a triangle shape, currently under major expansion and renovation project in order to create 2 separate runways whice do not cross each other.

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Photo © Ronen Eckstein
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Photo © Michael Sender

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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:46 am

Quoting lhr380 (Reply 7):
With passenger traffic of 9,678,737 meaning it is the worlds 4th busiest airport, I live next door to London Heathrow.

Currently have flights taking off overhead as they are on 27R departures this afternoon

The departures off 27L go overhead my home.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:05 am

I live about 5-10 mins from YVR depending on traffic lights! and right under 26L/08R.

YVR is very interesting for variety with a city of relatively small population and is very spotter friendly. From the main terminal we have:

MU (343) to PVG
CA (332) to PEK
CX (744 & 77W) to HKG & JFK
CZ (77E) started a couple of weeks ago to CAN
KE (77E) to ICN
PR (343 & 77W) to MNL & LAS
BR (744 & 77W) to TPE
CI (343) to TPE
NZ (77E & 744) to AKL
JL (763) to NRT
BA (744) to LHR
LH (344 winter & 346 summer) to FRA
KL (MD11) to AMS
AB (332) formerly LTU to DUS summer only
DE (763) to FRA summer only
Edelweiss Air (332) to ZRH summer only

AA (738 summer / 752 winter) to DFW
UA (319 / 320 / 752) to DEN, ORD, LAX & SFO
Some flights operated by OO with CR2 / CR7
DL (752) to ATL summer only
LAX & SLC operated by OO with CR2 / CR7 / CR9
Former NW to MSP (319 / 320 summer & Compass E175 winter) + summer only to DTW
US (319 / 320) to PHX - formerly HP
AS (73G / 738 / 739) to LAX & SEA
CO (73G / 738 / 739) to EWR & IAH

Charter flights are also operated by TS & Thomas Cook to Europe with the 332 (year round mostly to LGW & MAN but others too like GLA, AMS, FRA & FCO and many daily flights through the summer) plus the usual winter sunspots in the Caribbean & Mexico with the TS A310 & 333 too, along with 738's from Canjet, Sunwing & Enerjet.

You will see the entire AC fleet here apart from the E170's. Unsurprisingly the majority of operations are by AC, Jazz & WS who have a broad domestic, transcon, transborder & international route map.

Other domestic operators from the main terminal are Air North with the 732 and recently 735 & 734 to YXY, Central Mountain Air with B1900D's & Do328TP's flying for Jazz and Hawkair (moved from the south terminal with DH1/3's) to a few northern BC destinations.

At the south terminal, the main operator is 8P who fly to YYJ and several other regional airports in BC, mainly up the coast and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Fleet consists of B1900C's, Saab 340A's, a Shorts 360 & a King Air 200. Only other scheduled operators from the south terminal are KD Air with PA31 Navajo's to Qualicum Beach and Orca Air also with 'hos to Tofino & YYJ. In the summer, there are fishing charters operated to the QCI's which attracts 2x Air North HS748's & a 732 plus Jazz charters DH3. Also from the south side is the floatplane operations from the river using mainly venerable DHC 2 Beaver's, as well as DHC3 Otter's, Twin Otters, Cessna 208 Caravan's & 185's / 206's and just recently there is a Beech 18 on floats back again. Finally there are also scheduled helicopter flights with Helijet using their Sikorsky S76's to Camel Point in Victoria. There is a vibrant business & GA scene at the south side too and a basse for Northern Thunderbird Air with B1900's & King Air's.

Finally cargo, all these operate M-F unless stated - FX A300 to MEM, 2x C208 to YYJ & 2x 757 doing the Canada milk run, latter two aircraft types operated by Morningstar Air Express. Empire operate a ATR72 on Saturdays from SEA. Purolator Courier still operate 2x 722F & 2x CV580 plus a DC10 all operated by Kelowna Flightcraft. Cargojet operate a 722F & a rotating 762/752F. DHL operate an ABX Air 762F just down to BFI and UPS use a 752F (763F on Fridays) also to BFI. Finally, there are a host of other flights to feed all over BC operated by Carson Air & Sunwest Aviation using Metro's (the latter also have a C208 for the YYJ run) & Orca Air PA31's. Airpac run a PA31 from SEA on Saturday and Ameriflight are common visitors with Metro's , Merlin's, B1900C's, B99's & Brasilia's.

Only notable absentee in aircraft type in regular service at YVR is the E135/145.

Heres a link to my photostream which gives an idea of the operations here at YVR.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jul 03, 2011 12:38 pm

My local airport is AMS, and I live about 15km's from the center of the airport. Runway 06 approaches are 1km from my backyard, I can watch (and hear) them all day  
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:52 pm


Just wanted to say many thanks for the replies/info. people are the best people to ask about their local airport since they know a lot and often have a passion for the places where (at least for me) they spend time watching planes and flying into and out of.

Many thanks


P.S. That Savannah, Georgia teminal is one of the most interesting/coolest teminals I have ever seen. It might be interesting if more airports tried to blend a bit of their local character into their airport designs.
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RE: Tell Us About Your Local Airport!

Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:06 pm

My home airport is Ottawa MacDonald/Cartier International (YOW). It is a typical midsized Canadian airport. I would say it is slightly overserved domestically (because of all the government travellers) and perhaps underserved internationally (because of the close proximity of YUL - you can easily make it there in under 2 hours).

The typical airport scene is just a bunch of AC E-jets and A32Xs. There are hourly flight sto Toronto on AC that are usually operated by those families. Obviously YOW has service to pretty much every major Canadian city with AC or Jazz, plus WestJet serves YYZ, YHZ, YYC, YWG, YEG and YYC with 737s. Interestingly, there is a flight from Ottawa to every provincial capital except Victoria (YYJ), which happens to be my most frequent destination.

The most interesting domestic flights are certainly the two daily (or nearly daily?) 737-200Cs to Iqaluit, Nunavut (YFB). Canadian North and First Air operate to YFB around the same time with these beautiful birds each day. AC Jazz also recently started service to Iqaluit with their CRJ-900s (705s). YOW is really Canada's gateway to the North.

Transborder, YOW has frequent RJ flights on AC Jazz and various American regional carriers to the US Northeast. The furthest afeild destinations in the states would be Charlotte (US) and ORD (AA and UA).

Internationally, there are frequent charters to Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the winter on WestJet, CanJet and Sunwing 737s. Air Canada also sends a daily 763 to LHR and also to FRA about 3-4 times per week.

The only other decent traffic would be all the government and military charters. You can frequently see the Federal governments A310s at YOW. FedEx also operates A300s to the airport I believe. I also recently saw a mystery Lufthansa MD-11 departing to Lieges. I started a thread about why here on but everyone seemed to be as mystified as me!

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