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Which UK Airport For US Bound Flight?

Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:04 pm

I usually would fly out of LHR, but there are no confirmable upgrades on CO. So I am taking a scenic route.

I can either fly out of GLA, EDI, or BHX. All have upgradable space. Of the tree, which would be the best overall experience?

I care about:

1. A good lounge (not a fan of contract lounges. I believe of the three, only EDI has a *Alliance affiliated lounge, operated by BMI)

2. Nice shopping. LHR, of course, has the best. How do the others fare?

3. Pleasant terminal. I don't need new and fancy. In fact, I prefer vintage architecture. But I don't want gritty either!

4. Walkability to a good airport hotel.
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