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Seeking Hints And Tips For My Routing US/DL/WN/CO

Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:20 pm

Hi There,

I will by flying from Germany to Montreal End of August, and then back from Bogota to Germany.

When it comes to flying I'm quite experienced, however this time I have booked a bunch of domestic US tickets, and this is completely new to me.

I would love to hear any comments you might have from your side... Any tipps about seats, nice side on the plane for great views, transfer, everything that comes to your mind...

By the way, I am Lufthansa Senator (Star Gold) and Flyingblue Silver. All flights are in economy class. Not sure what the status can give me in terms of upgrades with US/CO/DL since I am not member of their respective frequent flyer programs.

So here is the schedule:

Day 1:
YUL-BTV 08:15-10:45 Greyhound

Ticket 1
BTV-LGA 12:59-14:29 US4203 / Dash 8-100

Ticket 2
LGA-ATL 16:59-19:39 DL61 / Boeing 757-200
ATL-RDU 20:45-22:19 DL228 / MD 88

Overnight RDU

Day 2:
Ticket 3
RDU-BWI 06:00-07:05 WN1424 / Boeing 737
BWI-EWR 08:10-09:15 WN934 / Boeing 737

Ticket 4 (first part)
EWR-IAH 16:30-19:13 CO1432 / Boeing 777

Overnight IAH

Day 3:
Ticket 4 (second part)
IAH-PTY 08:45-12:55 CO1032 / Boeing 737-800
PTY-BOG 15:28-16:55 CM633 / Embraer 190

I am also planning to do some shopping at Jersey Gardens in EWR. Will I be able to check in my bags to IAH at 9 am already? or is there any left luguage facilty in EWR or even in the mall?
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RE: Seeking Hints And Tips For My Routing US/DL/WN

Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:46 pm

1. Factor in cost of taxi from Greyhound Bus Station in central Burlington to Airport. I'd estimate $20USD including tip.
2. US Dash 8 to LGA. Best seats are in row 9 - either window - for best views and quieter away from props. Avoid row 7 - misaligned window. Row 4 is exit and is only available as a "preferred" seat or at airport on day of departure. Your Lufthansa status may help get you a preferred seat on US and CO. Don't know, but worth calling LH or US and CO/UA to find out.
3. LGA-ATL on DL. If you prefer a window sit on left hand side to avoid the sun as you're flying south. ATL-RDU is at dusk/dark so won't really matter.
4. RDU-BWI-EWR on WN. You need to request your boarding # 24hours in advance...that will be precisely 24 hours at the mark the day before so if you have no computer access in YUL, set up "Early Bird" boarding assignment on the WN website and they will allocate your boarding number for you and you can print your boarding pass at the RDU airport. Cost is $10USD but must be set up in advance using "".
5. EWR-IAH on CO 777. Left side again to avoid sun (its quite hot in the USA in August). I don't have a specific seat area on this aircraft type to recommend although I have rode in the last row - a 2 seater - and it was fine. This is a heavily traveled route on this aircraft so just pick the best seat you prefer from what is available.
6. IAH-BOG. Not much to add for this routing. Again a busy route/city-pair so pick best seats available to you as your preference.
Definitely check-out if your LH and KL status offers you the chance to select a "preferred" seat. You'll notice these seats are specially color-coded but each airline would need your respective SkyTeam and *Star accounts numbers added to your passenger name record.
WN does not interline so no credit or mileage redemption available beyond their own program.
You're doing a lot of flying through the USA but I hope you enjoy your visit with me visiting Germany and riding trains everywhere! Have a safe trip and best wishes for a great trip.
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