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AC Seat Selection 'Dilemma'

Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:44 pm

Hi Folks -

I'm booked on AC881 CDG-YYZ in late September, and at the seat selection stage, the entire Y cabin is X'ed out, except for 7 Preferred seats. I don't require one of these, although it could be nice, but I'd rather not have to pay $75 for one. Looks like this flight is almost completely sold out, (perhaps even oversold), so I'm wondering what to do.

I could inquire when checking in for my outbound flight next week, and perhaps be assigned something...( I realize that certain seats may be held until before departure)

I could wait until check-in at CDG and be given one free of charge. I also realize there could be no-shows, resulting in me being given one of those seats - but at 6'5", I'd rather not be stuck in a middle.

I highly doubt I'd be upgraded to Executive Class - I don't have the status, someone else would be upgraded before me...

Any suggestions?


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RE: AC Seat Selection 'Dilemma'

Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:54 pm

You will have to decide (I guess this is obvious) wether being assured of decent leg room at your height is worth $75 on the longer of your two segments.

Going by my experiences with UA, if you lack status, I'd say the most likely scenario is a middle seat or if you're lucky a regular aisle or window, followed by an exit row seat (or are those among the preferred seats with AC?) which likely show up as occupied on the seat maps but may not be. I have my doubts about your being assigned a preferred seat gratis; they'll likely upgrade higher status flyers to those if need be, which is also the case for an upgrade to business as you say.

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