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BAC One Eleven Trip (DAL) - Any Reports?

Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:47 pm

Hi all,

Unfortunately the "Flying on Classic Aircraft" thread has now been archived, so I didn't get to post on that one, but I wanted to ask how the BAC One Eleven trip went in DAL? I would love to get on one of those classic aircraft flights at some point, so any comments or reviews of the trip would be great to read!

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RE: BAC One Eleven Trip (DAL) - Any Reports?

Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:40 pm

It was an excellent trip, the guys and girls at the FBO were really welcoming and the crew on board treated us very well with champagne and an open cockpit, plus a flypast before landing back at DAL. The route too was well planned to take us over a canyon, during which the pilots descended to give us a closer look - I'm sure a few people on remote Texas ranches wondered why there was this noisy jet flying low over the countryside! I was surprised that the majority of participants were from the UK, I thought there would be a contingent, but not almost everybody on board. I do of course have lots of pictures and videos, and I do intend on posting a report at some point, but right now I'm too busy with work and in a week and a bit I'm heading back to study. But, I'll try and put something together if nobody else has soon.

Of course we all have to thank Sean of classic Jet Tours a lot for putting this trip together. A few hefty hints were dropped that we'd like his next task to be getting a DC-8 flight organised...  

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