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CX's New Business Class Upgrade Question

Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:00 pm

Hello Everyone,
I am planning a trip to BKK in early March 2012. I am flying on CX from SFO-HKG-BKK-HKG-SFO in business class, so I am wondering what the schedules are for the business class upgrades to be completed. Are all long haul aircraft getting the new business class? I am flying on a 744 on the SFO-HKG and HKG-SFO legs, a 773 HKG-BKK and an A333 BKK-HKG. Of course, I'm most curious about the 744's because I will be on those for the longest period of time.
Everyone's input is greatly appreciated! And if there is another thread with the answers and someone can lead me that way, feel free to delete mine!

Thanks in advance everyone!
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RE: CX's New Business Class Upgrade Question

Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:17 pm

Hi Cameron

What I have read is that the 744 will not get the new C class as they plan on retiring them in due course and therefore only update the current 773ER and the A333 which are deployed on their medium haul routes. So I am afraid that you will get the current C class seats from SFO-HKG-SFO and depending on your luck you might get a long haul A333 or 773ER on your flight to BKK. However personally I never had a problem with the C class seating on CX. Although I appreciate their upgrade of the seats. It's always good to stay on top of the game to compete with their competitors.

Doesn't CX have a 773ER flight out of SFO? There your chances might be good to get the new configuration. Otherwise is flying out of LAX an option? They only use the 773ER on that route and there your chances are higher that they use the new configuration. What I read is that the new C class configuration is used mainly for the US routes (JFK etc.) and some key Europe routes (i.e. LHR).

However did you check on "Manage my booking" on CX website what plane will be used for the short legs? Then you can also access the seat map and see if it's a long haul or regional version.

hope this helps.

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