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24 Hours: Three Flights, Three G/Os - Top That!

Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:03 am

First one a company plane (oh for one of the rare times I get to ride one) on landing in Dallas, for reason unknown to me, but seemed perfectly routine. It was executed high enough that we barely climbed before circling around for a second go.

Fast forward a few hours later and I check in for LH439 DFW-FRA.
Upon arriving in FRA, still relatively high above the ground, engines spool up and we climb nicely for my second go-around in less than 24 hours. Captain's explanation: aircraft in front of us was in the way, which probably meant we were getting too close to the aircraft ahead because I think we were at least two minutes away from touchdown, too soon to go-around because the runway wasn't vacated.

Again a few hours later on LH1010 FRA-BRU.
This wasn't my first go-around evidently (or my third) but the most powerful yet. A320 engines at full-throttle, angle-of-attack that seemed steeper than most take-offs,... Until the pilot got on the PA, I thought we had a TA resolution or something similar, but instead, we might simply have been very close to the ground. Turns out a bank of fog appeared out of nowhere and our VMC landing had to be aborted. A few minutes later, we landed in IMC with a fog so thick I felt the ground before I saw it...

So yeah, top that!


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