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Flying For Fun, How Do You Explain It?

Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:55 pm

So you're flying on one of many flights in any ludicrously short time frame for fun. Whether it be to get on a certain aircraft, airline, route or new place. Your seatmate turns to you and asks "So what are you travelling for?" or "Why do you want to go to X city?".

Do you lie and say you're on business? Visiting friends? Or do you just tell the truth and try in vain to justify the hundreds of $'s you've spent to sit in an uncomfortable seat for two hours?  

As for me, I put it as bluntly as I can, and it usually goes something like this; "I'm a massive plane geek and I fly for fun." Which then gets some looks of disbelief and several more questions like "why?!"  

And you?
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RE: Flying For Fun, How Do You Explain It?

Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:51 pm

This topic hardly ever surfaces.
First I am not the chattiest person, be it inside an aircraft or outside.
Unless a positive situation evolves I can sit next to a pax for a Trans Atlantic crossing and never exchange a word ...

The only recent occasion I chatted to my seat neighbour for a longer time was on a CRJ flying DTW toMLI (I was on a triangular daytrip ATL-DTW-MLI-ATL, for which it was cheaper to fly to some third airport first rather than to return directly from DTW to ATL).
The guy (in his early 50's) sitting next to me was afraid of flying (the smaller the aircraft the less comfortable he felt), but was coming back home from visiting his parents (IIRC) in Las Vegas, NV.
Routing LAS-DTW-MLI is quite a detour, but he was on that flight ...
When we came to the point to what would bring me (as a foreigner) to the Quadcities, I briefly explained that I was on vacationa and flying for pleasure; I also metioned that I have made it a habit, while being on vacation in the U.S., to fly to some place unknown to me and check it out for potential future travel.
But we then quickly moved on to discussing his profession (he was a tool maker making tools for John Deere) and so I helped him to get some welcomed distraction.

EDIT: Added acronym description to MLI

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RE: Flying For Fun, How Do You Explain It?

Mon Nov 28, 2011 4:26 am

I tell people that I merely enjoy it, as it is my great passion... I will go anywhere at anytime, given the chance.
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