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Please Help With Delta Time Table. Flights Missing

Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:01 pm


I want to book DTW-CUN on Delta for May 2011. In the past, Delta usually had daily non-stop service (for about $350) but now they are only offering non-stop service on Saturdays (now $600 rt). It seems like they cut capacity quite a bit on this route but if I look at the Dec11 timetable, it shows daily non-stop service.


8:45 12:01 711 0 B 320 Eff. Dec. 17 - Jan. 3
10:15 1:24 713 0 L 320 Disc. Dec. 16
10:16 1:22 713 0 L 320 Eff. Jan. 4
10:18 1:25 713 0 134 L 757 Eff. Dec. 19 - Jan. 2
10:25 1:30 713 0 56 L 73H Eff. Dec. 17 - Dec. 23
10:25 1:30 713 0 267 L 738 Eff. Dec. 18 - Dec. 25
10:25 1:30 713 0 27 L 738 Eff. Dec. 27 - Jan. 3

Flt 713 @ 10:16 should be available in May 2011 but it doesn't show up on any of the sites or at the Delta site. I don't wont to book a 1 stop flight at $600 when the possibility of a non-stop will pop up a few days after I book. So, what is you opinion on where this flight went and if it will ever be posted. Would you book now or wait a couple weeks to see capacity added?

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RE: Please Help With Delta Time Table. Flights Mis

Sun Dec 18, 2011 5:23 pm

I wouldn't fret yet, I'd wait til the Jan schedule comes out. The reason I say don't fret yet, is that DL probably hasn't loaded the flights in yet. The reason I know they haven't loaded in flights, is that the first week in Apr for ATL-AGS is still showing 8x CRJ2, 1x DC95, when it goes to 8x B752 for a few days.
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RE: Please Help With Delta Time Table. Flights Mis

Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:58 am

Thanks. I thought it would be something like that. Delta said roughly the same thing when I called but they didn't think the flights would be loaded until Feb 17. Although she was just guessing, don't you think that is a little late to add capacity?

Right now, daily non-stops end April 7. Let's say I want to depart April 17, that's only 60 days to fill those flights.
After going through several dates, $500+ seems to be the price they are going with. That's a 30% increase from what we paid last year. I'm wondering if these flights will ever materialize and if the do, I wonder if they will at a decent price.

I have been flying this route 1-2 times per year for the last 7 years. When I started going to Mexico on a regular basis, We could pick between a few charter companies (Ryan, USA3000...), Spirit and NWA. Eventually, All of the charters ended and it became NWA or Spirit. Now it is Delta and Spirit. Spirit is a no go because I can't use FlexPerks points with them and in the end, the price is the same as Delta once you add in all the fees. Delta drops all of the non-stops and funnels everything through ATL.

Clearly, the Delta/NWA did little for us in the D.

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