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Easyjet Now Charging EUR16 For Cc Payment!

Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:15 pm

Warning: rant....

Just booked an Easyjet flight (I hadn't flown them for a few years) that cost 52 Euros incl luggage only to find out in the end that they charge 16 bl... Euros for cc payment, 10 Euros for debit card payment (but not any of the cards I have) and 0.00 for Visa Electron. It so happens that I actually have such a card, just that it doesn't have a CVC number at the back of it so it's useless.

I think that the total price even with the 16 Euros is a fairly good deal, but why on earth aren't they upfront about it?!?! Those booking charges have no relation whatsoever with the charges of the cc companies (that's in the order of 2-3%) so this is just a scam! This seriously put me off...

Does anybody know what the highest amount of "CC scam charges" is that an airline anywhere is covering?
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