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Hypothetical Question To Finish The Year...

Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:39 am

Just thought would be fun. Choose three airlines, whatever era that would make your fortune...
Things i'm going to consider is safety record for one, routes, and branding/ service and profits... in no order ...now my choices, are obviously my own, and this is not meant to be this verse that, just a fun comparison. And before it starts... mergers count... so KLM/ AF, DL/NW, UN/CO etc

So my choices are:

Qantas - safety, service
Delta - Routes
Singapour - Branding, Service, routes

Half way through i'm going, really only three choices... anyway, whose next ?

Happy New year all
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RE: Hypothetical Question To Finish The Year...

Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:36 pm

Qantas does have an incredible safety record, not having a fatality since the 1940s AFAIK. They've had some near misses lately like the runway excursion at BKK and a few others. They have an excellent record, but so do most other first world airlines. When was the last time that LAN had an accident?

Qantas' seat pitch in coach was horrendous. I've done them LAX-SYD and recalled it feelin like a CRJ it was so cramped.

Safety record is a difficult one. It's like picking the safest modern airplane. You really can't do it.

There are no unsafe first world airlines; there are no unsafe modern western world jets. Some airlines might have had a few more bad days or unfortunate incidents, but no-one is less safe. Some with western made jets. No such thing as a bad one these days.

AA unfortunately has had a few bad days in the past 16 years that I can think of. But their maintenance is also done by highly skilled and trained US workers, not outsourced to some third world country to save money. So you really can't say that QF is any safer than AA. AS had a tragic accident 11 years ago and some bad press, but they've made strides to fix any problems and are now have about as perfect of a record as you can get.

So bottom line is that your thread is a interesting one, but I really don't it's fair or accurate to have a poll of who is the safest airline.

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