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World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:50 am

World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

(2 posts to follow – the list and the footnotes)

Although a relatively quiet month, I’m pleased to see GIG back on the list after Transaero discontinued DME-GIG last Spring, and to welcome Blue Panorama for the first time here.

Of note also is the slow, steady elimination of the 744 from World’s Longest.
Hope to see a few 748’s in the near future  


Notable changes since last update on 16 December 2011:

New Routes:
6417nm DXB-GIGº Emirates 77W x7
5401nm SVO-CUN Aeroflot 332x3 per month of January
5043nm MXP-HKT Blue Panoramaˇ 767x1

Discontinued Routes:
5458nm MAD-CORº Iberia 342x3

Frequency Changes of Interest:
7454nm SYDº-DFW º † Qantas ˇ 74Ex6, previously x4
7215nm DFW-BNEº †† Qantas 74Ex6, previously x4
6883nm MELº-LAX Qantas 388x7, previously 74Ex1 388x6
(5324nm MUC-MEX Lufthansa 346x7 scheduled 28October, previously x5 scheduled 26March)
5191nm LHR-HND British 777x3, previously x5

Aircraft Changes of Interest:
6001nm ICN-JFK Korean 388x14, previously 77Wx7 388x7
5553nm SIN-FRA Singapore 388x7 77Wx7, previously 744x7 77Wx7
5432nm PEK-LAX Air China 744x4 773x7, previously 744x11
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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:00 am

World’s Longest Flights
Regularly scheduled passenger flights (or proposed with start dates) flying greater than 4999 nautical miles nonstop.

Looking for a specific flight within the list? Flights are arranged by nautical miles in descending order. Use the Great Circle Mapper set at nautical miles to find your route’s distance.

Aircraft are listed with number of flights per week, unless otherwise noted.

Comments/Additions/Corrections welcome!

17 January 2012 Schedules:
8285nm SINº-EWRº Singaporeˇ 345x7
7621nm SIN-LAXº Singapore 345x5
7454nm SYDº-DFW º † Qantas ˇ 74Ex6
7334nm ATLº-JNBº Deltaˇ 77Lx7
7246nm DXBº-LAX Emirates ˇ 77Wx7 77Lx7
7215nm DFW-BNEº †† Qantas 74Ex6
7186nm BKKº-LAX Thai ˇ 345x7
7097nm DXB-IAHº Emirates 77Lx14
7041nm DXB-SFOº Emirates 77Wx7
10th Longest:
7014nm HKGº-JFKº Cathay Pacific ˇ 77Wx21
7009nm EWR-HKG Continentalˇ 77Ex7 / (Cathay Pacific 77W scheduled May)
6993nm DOHº-IAH Qatarˇ 77Lx7
(6987nm DXB-DFW Emirates 77Lx7 scheduled 2Feb)
6925nm JNB-JFK South Africanˇ 346x7
6883nm MELº-LAX Qantas 388x7 / V Australiaˇ 77Wx3
6828nm DTWº-HKG Delta 77Lx4
6787nm YYZ º-HKG Air Canadaˇ 77Lx7 / Cathay Pacific 77Wx14
6785nm TPE º-JFK EVAˇ 77Wx4 ØØ
6784nm BOMº-EWR Air Indiaˇ 77Lx7 / Continental 77Ex7
6772nm HKG-ORDº Cathay Pacific 77Wx7 / Unitedˇ 744x7
20th longest:
6741nm YVRº-SYD Air Canada 77Lx7
6656nm ATL-PVGº Delta 77Lx2 Ø
6604nm ATL-DXB Delta 777x7
6597nm DXB-GRUº Emirates 77Wx7
6581nm TLVº-LAX EL AL ˇ 77Ex3
6534nm TPE-YYZ EVA 77Wx3
6510nm AUHº-SYD Etihad ˇ 346x11 / V Australia 77Wx3
6507nm LAX-SYD Delta 77Lx7 / Qantas 388x7 744x7 / United 744x7 / V Australia 77Wx7
6503nm DELº-ORD Air India 77Wx7 / Americanˇ 77Ex7
6500nm DXB-SYD Emirates 388x7 77Wx7
6467nm DXB-BNE Emirates 77Wx7
6454nm DOH-MEL Qatar 77Lx7
(6452nm DXB-SEA Emirates 77W scheduled 1March)
6445nm SFO-SYD United 744x7
(6444nm IAH-AKL United 788 proposed Nov 2011, delayed to 2012)
6424nm PVG-JFK China Eastern ˇ 346x7
6417nm DXB-GIGº Emirates 77Wx7
6416nm EWR-PVG Continental 77Ex7
6400nm DOH-GRU Qatar 77Lx7
6366nm SYD-EZEº Qantas 74Ex3 ØØØ
6364nm EWR-DEL Continental 77Ex7
6359nm DEL-JFK Air India 77Wx7
6359nm LADº-PEKº TAAG Angola ˇ 77Ex1
6348nm MNLº-LAX ††† Philippineˇ 744x7 343x2
6322nm AUH-ORD Etihad 77Wx7
(6316nm JNB-PEK South African 346x3 scheduled 1February)
6313nm KHIº-YYZ Pakistan ˇ 777x1
6309nm HKG-LAX Cathay Pacific 77Wx17
6297nm DEL-YYZ Air India 77Wx7
6291nm CDGº-SCLº Air France ˇ 777x7
6287nm AUH-MEL Etihad 346x7
6284nm CANº-LAX China Southern ˇ 772x7
6283nm DXB-MEL Emirates 77Wx7
50th longest:
6251nm IADº-ADDº ‡ Ethiopian ˇ 77Lx7
6223nm BNE-LAX Qantas 744x6 / V Australia 77Wx4
6215nm ICNº-ATL Korean ˇ 77Wx7 744x3
6201nm DTW-PVG Delta 77Lx4 744x3
6197nm FRAº-EZE Lufthansa ˇ 744x7
6176nm YYZ-PVG Air Canada 77Lx7
6176nm AMSº-EZE KLMˇ 77Ex3
6142nm IAD-DXB United 77Ex7
6141nm JFK-LHEº ‡‡ Pakistan 777x3
(6135nm SYD-SCL Qantas 744x3 scheduled 26March)
6132nm ORD-PVG American 77Ex7 / United 77Ex7
6121nm AKLº-YVR Air New Zealand ˇ 772x4
6086nm NRTº-MEXº ‡‡‡ Aeromexicoˇ 762x3
6085nm LHE-YYZ Pakistan 777x1
6071nm MNL-SFO ‡‡‡‡ Philippine 744x7
6046nm ICN-IAD Korean 77Wx7
6036nm KIXº-JFK China Airlines ˇ 744x3
6019nm HKG-SFO Cathay Pacific 744x7 773x7 / Singapore 77Wx7 / United 744x7
6018nm DOH-IAD Qatar 77Wx7
6017nm AUH-YYZ Etihad 77Wx3
6014nm IAD-PEK United 77Ex7
6013nm EZE-FCOº Alitaliaˇ 77Ex7 / Argentinasˇ 340x4
6001nm ICN-JFK Asiana ˇ 77Ex7 / Korean 388x14
5999nm LHRº-EZE Britishˇ 77Ex7
5995nm DXB-YYZ Emirates 388x3
5980nm CDG-EZE Air France 777x7
5971nm ISTº-LAX Turkish ˇ 77Wx5
5967nm AUH-JFK Etihad 345x7
5963nm SYD-JNB Qantas 744x7
5953nm ATL-NRT Delta 777x7
5951nm DXB-JFK Emirates 77Wx7 388x7
5945nm ICN-DFW Korean 77Ex5
5945nm ISBº-YYZ Pakistan 777x1
5942nm PEK-JFK Air Chinaˇ 744x7
5936nm EWR-PEK Continental 77Ex7
5923nm LAD-HAVº TAAG Angola 777x1
5908nm TPE-LAX China Airlines 744x14 / EVA 77Wx19 / Malaysiaˇ 772x3
5889nm BCNº-SIN Singapore 77Wx3
(5885nm JFK-HND American suspended. scheduled to resume 31May)
5879nm LHR-SIN British 744x7 777x7 / Qantas 388x14 / Singapore 77Wx7 388x14
5868nm NRT-IAD ANA ˇ 777x7 / United 77Ex7
5865nm RUHº-IAD Saudi Arabian ˇ 77Lx2
5861nm JFK-NRT American 77Ex7 / ANA 77Wx7 / Delta 744x7 / JALˇ 773x7
5850nm EWR-NRT Continental 77Ex7
5825nm DOH-JFK Qatar 77Wx7
(5823nm NRT-BOS JAL 788 scheduled 22Apr)
5794nm CDG-SIN Air France 777x7 / Singapore 388x7
5777nm MADº-SCL Iberiaˇ 346x7 / LAN ˇ 340x7
5772nm IAH-NRT Continental 777x7
5766nm DTW-ICN Delta 77Lx5
5762nm HKG-JNB Cathay Pacific 744x7 / South African 343x7
5762nm DTW-PEK Delta 77Lx4
5746nm ICN-YYZ Korean 772x5
100th longest:
5745nm TIJº-PVG Aeromexico 777x2
5729nm KULº-LHR Malaysia 744x14
5729nm JEDº-IAD Saudi Arabian 77Lx3
5723nm KUL-LGWº AirAsia Xˇ 340x6
5722nm CCSº-DAMº Conviasaˇ 340x3 per month of January
5717nm ORD-PEK American 77Ex7 / United 777x7
5716nm YYZ-PEK Air Canada 77Wx7 / Hainanˇ 340x2
5713nm IAD-KWIº United 77Ex7
5706nm MNL-YVR Philippine 343x4 773x3
5694nm DTW-NGOº Delta 744x5
5693nm ICN-ORD Asiana 777x4 / Korean 744x3 77Wx7
5689nm IST-GRU Turkish 77Wx4
5679nm AMS-SIN KLM 777x7 / Singapore 772x7
5676nm AMS-LIMº KLM 777x7
5669nm RUH-JFK Saudi Arabian 77Lx1
5663nm AKL-SFO Air New Zealand 744x7
5659nm IAH-LOSº Continental 77Ex7
5652nm AKL-LAX Air New Zealand 744x4 773x10 / Qantas 332x7
5650nm KUL-ORYº AirAsia X 340x4
5647nm EZE-BCN Argentinasˇ 343x4
5641nm KUL-CDG Malaysia 772x7
5635nm LAX-PVG American 777x7 / China Eastern 346x7 / United 777x7
5630nm AMS-MNL KLM 77Wx6
5629nm DOH-YULº Qatar 77Lx3
5621nm TPE-SFO China Airlines 744x7 / EVA 77Wx12
5617nm AKL-PEK Air New Zealand 77Ex2
5585nm DFW-NRT American 777x14
(5585nm DTW-HND Delta suspended, scheduled to resume with 332 on 26April)
5580nm EZE-AKL Argentinas 340x3
5574nm YYZ-NRT Air Canada 77Wx7
5569nm SIN-MXPº Singapore 77Wx7
5567nm SIN-ZRHº Singapore 388x7
5559nm DTW-NRT Delta 744x7
5555nm YVR-HKG Air Canada 77Wx7 / Cathay Pacific 77Wx7 744x7
5553nm FRA-SIN Lufthansa 388x7 / Qantas 744x7 / Singapore 388x7 77Wx7
5544nm CDG-LIM Air France 777x5
5531nm JED-JFK Saudi Arabian 77Lx4
5529nm AMS-KUL KLM 777x7 / Malaysia 744x7
(5522nm FCO-LAX Alitalia 772 scheduled to return 1May)
5521nm SGNº-LGW Vietnamˇ 77Ex2
5520nm KWI-JFK Kuwaitˇ 777x3
5519nm CAN-YVR China Southern 772x3
5511nm BKK-MAD Thai 744x3
5462nm CDG-SGN Air France 777x5 / Vietnam 777x3
5452nm ORD-NRT American 777x7 / ANA 777x7 / JAL 773x7 / United 744x7
5436nm DMEº-CUNº Transaeroˇ 744x2
5433nm MAD-EZE Air Europaˇ 332x7 / Argentinas 744x3 343x4 / Iberia 346x14
5433nm MUCº-SIN Lufthansa 343x7 / Singapore 77Wx7
5432nm PEK-LAX Air China 744x4 773x7
5430nm SIN-FCO Singapore 772x2
5429nm SVOº-DPSº Aeroflotˇ 332x3 per month of January
5419nm AMMº-ORD Jordanianˇ 340x5
150th longest:
5404nm DME-DPS Transaero 744x1
5401nm KUL-FRA Malaysia 772x5
5401nm SVO-CUN Aeroflot 332x3 per month of January
5392nm ICN-MAD Korean 772x3 ◊◊
5383nm SIN-CPHº Singapore 772x3
5361nm FCO-NRT Alitalia 772x8
5358nm MAD-MVDº Iberia 342x7
5350nm LAX-GRU Korean 772x3
5344nm SFO-PVG United 77Ex7
(5324nm MUC-MEX Lufthansa 346x7 scheduled 28October)
5311nm MUC-GRU Lufthansa 346x6
5309nm GYEº-AMS KLM 77Wx3 ΩΩΩ
5294nm TPE-CDG EVA 77Wx3
5293nm TPE-LHR China Airlines 343x2
5281nm SVO-LAX Aeroflot 332x4
5278nm TPE-SEAº EVA 744x5
5277nm FRA-GRU Lufthansa 744x7 / TAM ˇ 773x7
5276nm MXP-NRT Alitalia 772x4
5273nm MRUº-LHR Air Mauritiusˇ 343x5
5272nm KUL-FCO Malaysia 772x3 ΩΩ
5271nm FCO-KIX Alitalia 772x4
5266nm CDG-HKTº XL Airwaysˇ 332x1
5265nm AMS-GRU KLM 777x7
(5262nm AMM-DTW Jordanian suspended. Scheduled to resume 29May)
5256nm CDG-NRT Air France 777x14 / ANA 77Wx7 / JAL 773x7
5254nm HNDº-CDG JAL 777x7
5253nm LGW-MRU British 777x3
5232nm ICN-LASº Korean 772x3
5223nm SCL-AKL LAN 343x7
5220nm SGN-FRA Vietnam 777x4
5212nm AMS-CPTº KLM 777x7
(5211nm HKG-LGW Hong Kong Airlines 332 from 8March)
5210nm CDG-KIX Air France 777x5
5209nm ICN-LAX Asiana 747x7 777x7 / Korean 772x7 77Wx7 388x7
5209nm LHR-CPT British 744x14 / South African 332x7 / Virgin Atlanticˇ 346x7
5209nm HKG-LHR Air New Zealand 772x5 / British 744x7 777x7 / Cathay Pacific
744x21 343x7 / Qantas 744x7 ØØØØ / Virgin Atlanticˇ 346x7
5204nm MUC-LAX Lufthansa 346x4
5200nm ICN-AKL Korean 744x10
5193nm ZRH-NRT Swissˇ 343x7
5191nm NRT-LHR ANA 77Wx7 / British 777x7 / JAL 773x7 / Virgin Atlantic 346x7
5191nm LHR-HND British 777x3
(5190nm CAI-NRT Egyptair 77W scheduled 29April)
5189nm TPE-YVR China Airlines 343x7 / EVA 744x3
5187nm CDG-HKG Air France 777x12 / Cathay Pacific 744x7
5185nm DME-VRAº Transaero 744x2
5180nm SVO-HAV Aeroflot 332x5
5177nm LHR-BKK British 744x7 / EVA 77Wx7 / Qantas 744x7 ØØØØ / Thai 744x7 346x7
5177nm ZRH-GRU Swiss 343x7
5174nm BRUº-HKT Jetairflyˇ 76Wx1**
5170nm MSPº-NRT Delta 777x7
5165nm FRA-MEX Lufthansa 744x7
5163nm AMS-UIOº KLM 77Wx3 ΩΩΩΩ
5160nm ZRH-LAX Swiss 343x6
5158nm DME-IAH Singapore 77Wx7
200th longest:
5156nm BKK-AKL Thai 77Ex5
5155nm KUL-CPT Malaysia 744x2 ΩΩ
5153nm GIG-FRA TAM 330x4 / Lufthansa 343x5
5149nm AMS-GIG KLM 777x3
5140nm MAD-LIM Air Europa 332x5 / Iberia 342x2 346x7 / LAN 763x7
5138nm PEK-SFO Air China 74Ex7 / United 744x7
5127nm MEX-BCN Aeromexico 763x4
5124nm AMS-PVRº Arkefly 763x1
5115nm CDG-CAN Air France 777x3 / China Southern 332x7
5110nm GRU-MXP TAM 330x7
5108nm MUC-SFO Lufthansa 346x7
5108nm CDG-BKK Air France 777x7 / Thai 773x10
5095nm LHR-GRU British 744x7 / TAM 77Wx7
5095nm PPTº-NRT Air Tahiti Nui ˇ 343x2
5090nm CDG-MRU Air France 747x7 / Air Mauritius 343x11
5084nm ORY-MRU Corsair 744x4
5083nm FCO-GRU Alitalia 772x9
5079nm MAD-LAX Iberia 340x3
5078nm ATL-LOS Delta 332x7
5075nm ZRH-SFO Swiss 343x6
5071nm NRT-FRA ANA 77Wx7 / JAL 773x7 / Lufthansa 388x7
5070nm NRT-MUC ANA 777x7 / Lufthansa 346x5
(5068nm HND-FRA ANA 788 scheduled first half 2012)
5067nm TPE-FRA China Airlines 343x5
5065nm CDG-GRU Air France 777x14 / TAM 330x7
5061nm HKG-MXP Cathay Pacific 77Wx7
5055nm NRT-CHCº Air New Zealand 772x3 ◊
5052nm FRA-CPT Lufthansa 744x7
(5051nm DUS-NRT Lufthansa 343x6 from 1June)
5048nm RUNº-CDG Air Austral ˇ 77Wx7
5046nm AKL-PVG Air New Zealand 77Ex4
5045nm FRA-LAX Lufthansa 744x7
5044nm AMS-NRT KLM 74Mx7
(5044nm TXL-LAX Air Berlin scheduled 11May)
5043nm MXP-HKT Blue Panoramaˇ 767x1
5042nm ORY-RUN Air France 777x10 / Corsairˇ 744x7
5040nm AMS-XMNº KLM 777x3
5039nm ZRH-HKT Edelweissˇ 332x2
5036nm CDG-CPT Air France 777x3
(5032nm DOH-PER Qatar 332 from 3July)
5031nm FRA-NGO Lufthansa 343x4 346x3
5030nm YYZ-TLV Air Canada 763x3 / El Al 762x2
5027nm DME-PUJº Transaero 744x2 772x2
5025nm FRA-HKT Condorˇ 76Wx2 ∆∆
(5024nm CAI-KIX Egyptair 340 scheduled 12July)
5021nm HKG-FCO Cathay Pacific 343x6
5019nm ZRH-HKG Swiss 343x7
5016nm HKG-AMS Cathay Pacific 744x4 343x3 / KLM 74Mx7
5015nm PHLº-TLV US Airwaysˇ 332x7
5015nm CDG-PVG *** Air France 777x12 / China Eastern 332x7
5014nm FRA-KIX Lufthansa 744x7
5013nm CAN-AKL China Southern 332x7
5011nm DME-MIAº Transaero 744x2
5007nm HELº-SIN Finnairˇ 340x7
5007nm BKK-BRU Thai 77Ex3 / Jetairfly 76Wx1 ****
250th longest:
5002nm AMS-KIX KLM 777x5
5001nm LHR-PVG British 777x6 / China Eastern 332x4 / Virgin Atlantic 346x7
Total of 251 active flights (previous month: 248)
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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:03 am

World’s Longest Flights

** 5174nm TB operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (TB 624) HKT-BKK-BRU
*** 5015nm CA will join MU and AF on the route with 343 from 25Mar 2012
**** 5007nm TB operates nonstop westbound only. Eastbound: (TB 623) BRU-HKT-BKK

† 7454nm QF operates northbound only
†† 7215nm QF operates southbound only
††† 6348nm PR operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (PR 103/113) LAX-HNL-MNL

‡ 6251nm ET operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (ET 500) ADD-FCO-IAD
‡‡ 6141nm PK operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (PK 711/721/723) LHE-MAN-JFK
‡‡‡ 6086nm AM operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (AM 58) MEX-TIJ-NRT
‡‡‡‡ 6071nm PR operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (PR 105) SFO-HNL-MNL

◊ 5055nm NZ operates nonstop southbound only.
◊◊ 5392nm KE operates nonstop westbound only. Eastbound: (KE 926) MAD-AMS-ICN

∆∆ 5025nm DE operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (DE 2369/5369) HKT-SHJ-FRA

ΩΩ 5155nm and 5272 MH both to be discontinued by March.
ΩΩΩ 5309nm KL operates eastbound only. Westbound: (KL 755) AMS-UIO-GYE.
ΩΩΩΩ 5163nm KL operates westbound only. Eastbound: (KL 755) UIO-GYE-AMS.

Ø 6656nm DL to be discontinued 18Jan 2012
ØØ 6785nm BR operates nonstop eastbound only. Westbound: (BR 31) JFK-ANC-TPE
ØØØ 6366nm QF discontinued 25March 2012
ØØØØ 5209nm and 5177nm QF both discontinued early 2012

ˇ longest flight for this carrier
º longest flight for this airport
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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:13 am

Wow! What a list! Thanks for doing this update.

So, 97 airports and 66 airlines have at least one active flight over 5000nm!

Here is new route for the list:

(5136nm CAN-LHR China Southern 332 - from June 6th)
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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:18 pm

Several new developments affecting the list:

6503nm American ORD-DELº to be discontinued 1March.

5908nm TPE-LAX Malaysiaˇ 772x3 to be discontinued 25 March.
Malaysian Airlines Adjust US Service (by LAXintl Jan 10 2012 in Civil Aviation)
The KUL-TPE-LAX route will revert to KUL-NRT-LAX.

5293nm China Airlines TPE-LHR to be discontinued 25March. This has not been confirmed (or denied) by the airline.

(5190nm Egyptair CAI-NRT) Delayed until 21August. Previously scheduled 29April.

(5024nm Egyptair CAI-KIX) Cancelled. Previously scheduled 12July.

Thanks to BNOWB for passing on to me the Egyptair developments!


[Edited 2012-01-10 15:18:28]
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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:35 pm

Here are 2 cancellations for the list:
5650nm KUL-ORY Air Asia X - cancelled from 21March12
5723nm KUL-LGW Air Asia X - cancelled from 1April12
Air Asia X Cancel London, Paris, Mumbai And Delhi (by chrisrad Jan 12 2012 in Civil Aviation)

And, 1 new upcoming route for the list:
5152nm AMS-HKT Arkefly 767 - from 27June12 (eastbound only - westbound will be HKT-BKK-AMS)
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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:29 am

Before the February schedules are in my hands here are a few more updates:

5630nm AMS-MNL KLM discontinued 25 March
6510nm SYD-AUH to be suspended 6 Feb through 9 April
5193nm ZRH-NRT Edelweiss scheduled 26 May (joining Swiss on route)
5153nm FRA-GIG Condor 76W scheduled 3 November (joining Lufthansa and TAM on route)
5127nm MEX-BCN Aeroméxico to be suspended 30 Jan through 30 June
5108nm AMS-TPE KLM scheduled 25 March

As always, thanks to sharp-eyed airline website master BNAOWB for update help!

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RE: World’s Longest Flights 17Jan Updates

Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:30 pm

Thanks for the update.

Quoting yeogeo (Reply 6):
6510nm SYD-AUH to be suspended 6 Feb through 9 April

This temporary suspension only applies to V Australia (not Etihad).

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