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One More Seat Question Re: UA 747 E/E+

Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:38 am

So I thought I had my final seat choice narrowed down,then came across another forum in which the exit row seats on United's 747,specifically row 45, was getting high acclaim. Now,I am actually considering shelling out the money,but first, wanted to ask....

45A/K- I like the idea of the window here,to have best of both worlds(leanability and aisle access). Concerns are the slide factor(Ive seen posts for and against it,I do like the idea of being able to rest feet on it when no one watching). Also, I know that you cant store anything there during takeoff/landing,but is it possible to put my purse and/or rollaboard on floor in front of me during flight? Ive also seen mention of jumpseats by this row-does this mean that there is a FA sitting there facing you during the flight? Finally,I know that the exit row has certain requitrements...I am an anxious flyer and take sedatives,would this prevent me from being able to sit here?

Any thoughts welcome!!
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RE: One More Seat Question Re: UA 747 E/E+

Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:47 am

There should be a flight attendant seated directly in front of you. You will not be able to store anything in front of you, all of it will have to placed in the overhead locker during taxi, takeoff, and landing. You can rest your feet on the door, usually, unless the flight attendant requests you not do so. These seats are actually kind of cool because the wall of the galley is to the right or left of you, so it gives you a more intimate feeling on rows, 45-48. These seats are, however, not part of Economy Plus, although in this particular row, you have unlimited legroom.

Hope that helps. Here is a great guide to refer to:

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