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Help Me Find This Flight (PSA-LGW Summer 1982)

Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:30 pm

Hello everyone,

I really hope someone can help me on this memory exercise!
Back in 1982 at the end of the primary school my parents made a fantastic gift to me: a flight to London, where we had some family friends.

At that time I was only 13yo, so now I have just few confused memories of that flight, but I'm really confident that with your help it would be possible to find both the airline and the aircraft model operating that flight!

Here below some data:

Period: summer 1982
Route: PSA-LGW
Departure time: evening (around 21:00 LT)
Type of flight: charter
Aircraft peculiarities: not a propeller
Cabin peculiarities: I was sitting in the middle of the cabin and the seat was rear-facing

Thanks in advance for your help!


Nice to remember that in 1982 the UM procedure was probably unknown: I boarded alone, flow alone and reached the arrival area in LGW alone again....

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