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LX Award Seats Now On OnePass Online

Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:38 pm

As of sometime early in February, Swiss flights have been added to OnePass award booking at continental.com. As per usual, LX doesn't open up too many (any?) premium seats to non-LH/LX FF members until near flight time, but a few days out, J and sometimes F seats show available, and day of I'm seeing availability most of the time for both classes.

It's nice because unlike the craptacular UA site, not only are LX now bookable, but you can book one-way awards with Star partners online (something UA can't do), which means you can SEE them online even if you plan on calling an agent. UA's award booking engine is so lame, it's a relief United are sticking with the CO OnePass program (renamed and rejiggered as MileagePlus) with the CO award booking interface and FF numbers (easier to remember by far), with everything you search for on one page and alternate days one simple click away.

Now, I do I have a question for CO experts in the know.

I've booked LAX-ZRH one way award on LH in J months ago to ensure availability for me wifey and meself, but would prefer the non-stop LX flight, but it seems that for Thursdays, LX is not releasing the inventory until 24 hours or less before the flight. Our return is a one-way LH award as well, but from Italy and we like the timing of those flights so it's really the ZRH part we want to improve upon.

CO claims that within 24 hours, Award "same day change" rules apply, but then those rules are not stated. Are they saying they are using the paid ticket same day change rule? If so, has anyone made a change to an award seat the same day of travel successfully on Star partners through CO? And if we find two F seats on LX, is it a hassle to book into F instead (I already made sure 35,000 miles are sitting in the CO account for this purpose). We are premier silver, so fees are reduced. Any info would be appreciated.
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