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Air Malta Booking Problems

Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:53 am

Hi everyone,

I've booked (or thought I had) a trip on Air Malta's website.

While the process was slow (reminded me of dial-up speeds), I thought I had gotten through and managed to purchase the ticket. I even received an order confirmation number from the credit card processor.

The money has even been debited from my account (faster than for the other tickets bought on the same day, of course!). But I got nothing; no confirmation number, booking code, e-ticket number, you name it. Yet the money is gone.

I've sent e-mails to both Air Malta and Emirates (who operates the codeshare--longshot, I know), and called Air Malta's US number, after being told a few times that the money is merely "on hold" (it's not), it was clear I couldn't get through to someone who could solve this problem elegantly.

So, is the ticket issued, and is the info given over the phone wrong? In which case, how can I get the confirmation number? Or has Air Malta charged me for nothing? In which case, how can I get the refund?

Word to the wise... I'd probably avoid booking on Air Malta's website if I were you. I certainly won't do it again. This is probably a rare occurrence but I won't take my chances again. I should have not cheapened out and got the ticket from Emirates--but I didn't. Well, now I know.

If you've been in a similar situation... any advice is welcome. I'm mostly venting, but I'd like the issue solved quickly.

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