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BA Exec Club / AF Fréq. Miles Earned On Concorde

Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:14 pm

It was 2003 and I had a dormant BA Executive Club membership - in those days I flew less, and when I did, was less of a mileage slave and more interested in racking up new airline experiences.

Then I flew on the last revenue BA 001, the old, pointy, fast one, on Oct 15, from LHR to JFK, on a full fare ticket (about £4,000 oneway iirc). About a week after I got back, a Silver Executive Club card dropped through the letterbox. It lapsed a year later cos I was still an infrequent traveller (had to sell the car, among other things, to pay for the Concorde ticket). I got back to Silver today (round of applause) so it made me wonder, how many tier points did I actually earn on dear old G-BOAC? (All I know is I went from zero to Silver with a single oneway.) And what was the mileage bonus for flying at twice the speed of sound? And how generously did Air France reward their supersonic fliers?

Assuming the bonus was more than F class, and half of Concorde passengers were weekly regulars, or so I'm told, there must have been a bunch of BA Executive Club members who had tier and miles totals that couldn't be achieved nowadays by any means.

Any thoughts or memories?
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RE: BA Exec Club / AF Fréq. Miles Earned On Concor

Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:05 am

Until the 2003 changes it was 250 tier points each way on Concorde and miles earning was 4x. After the 2003 changes it was 3x earning but you still got 250 TPs.

The Silver must have been a promotional thing because you didn't earn enough TPs to make Silver on a one way flight. Concorde was my first BAEC earning flight (also full R fare) in 09/2002 soon after I turned 18 and I didn't make Silver off it. Before the 2003 changes you needed more TPs to make the higher tiers but less to retain them. I want to say Gold was 1800 to earn and 1200 to retain and Silver was 800 to earn and 500 to retain.
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