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Southeast Asia Trip

Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:04 pm

Hey Guys,
First post, please forgive if repeat (almost sure it isn't). I'm travelling to Japan-China-SE Asia on Oct-Nov and would like to know what the best carriers/aircraft/seats are. My itinerary is as follows.
JFK-PEK (Thought of taking KE on A380 (never been on it) on J)
HKG-BKK (What about EK A380 on J or F)
KBV-BKK-NRT (this is my biggest concern, I want to try TG´s new F seats, are they worth it? How can I know which 744 has the new seats?)

I know it´s quite alot, pardon some noob questions and thanks for your help!!!

A noob A.Netter

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