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Mileage Redemption AS & EK?

Sun May 13, 2012 12:01 am


When will we be able to redeem miles on Alaska Air for Emirates flights / Emirates for Alaska flights?

They've been partners for over a month, and I'm sure they're still ironing out some things, but surely they know the amounts by now, hopefully just trying to sync their reservation systems so that they can access the seats for each other. (Not that I understand the inside procedure of how two airlines becoming partners...)

Does anyone know a timeline? or someone who can throw a estimate date into the ring?

I know Alaska is re-structuring some of the mileage plan partner rules. i.e. changed the rules with some of the airlines from maximum flown mileage allowed, to maximum segments, allowable stop-over cities, and the amount of stop overs etc. A customer care agent told me recently that it was the first step towards allowing one-way awards with certain airlines... Maybe this has an effect on the date we can start to redeem miles with Emirate, or maybe they're totally unrelated...


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