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United P.S. Y/Y+ What To Expect?

Thu May 17, 2012 8:16 am

Hello Friends,

I am going to fly JFK-SFO in July with United and it is a P.S. service. I chose it over Jetblue because with the way I bought the ticket it was very very cheap, whereas for Jetblue I had to pay more.

Can you please guide me on what to expect on Economy P.S. Service? Legroom is important as I am 6'5'' and should I expect free food on board?

How about inflight entertainment?

Thank you!
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RE: United P.S. Y/Y+ What To Expect?

Fri May 18, 2012 4:52 am


United Economy p.s.

Onboard amenities

Spacious Economy Plus® seating throughout the entire cabin, offering up to 5 extra inches of legroom

Meals and beverages

Complimentary soft drinks, juices, tea and freshly brewed coffee
Wines, beer and spirits available for purchase
A variety of snackboxes and à la carte items available for purchase
Fresh food options, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, available for purchase on flights departing prior to 8 p.m.


A variety of entertainment options, including complimentary audio selections, television programming and movies
Laptop power source and ergonomic tray table to comfortably accommodate laptop computers
Complimentary headsets
A complimentary copy of Hemispheres magazine

Basically, it's a BOB service. They eliminated the free food in Y on that route some time ago. They don't accept cash for alcoholic drinks or for food - cards only.

As with the rest of their Boeing narrowbody fleet, the seats are a little narrower than the Airbii at around 17in. Pitch is listed as 34in. I'm 6ft4 and, although never flown PS in Y, I have flown their regular 757's in Y+ and, apart from the lack of shoulder room, I was pretty comfortable. Legroom was OK. From what I hear, I wouldn't try for the bulkhead seats as you'll be less comfortable.

Entertainment is on overhead screens - likely a movie and some short features. If you're lucky, they'll also enable Channel 9 which is a nice way to pass the time, particularly if the movie is crap.

Overall, their ps Y service is OK - certainly less "premium" than it was when they launched it. It's now the same as any 757 Y+. It's nice that the aircraft is pretty low density as boarding and disembarkation are pretty quick.

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RE: United P.S. Y/Y+ What To Expect?

Fri May 18, 2012 6:32 am

Mark, thank you for your answer. Channel 9 would be cool  

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