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CX Online Check-in Still Archaic?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:19 pm

Hi all

I am flying soon to SIN from MXP via HKG on CX (btw they have great fares at the moment in Biz, which I immediately booked   ) and was just browsing their website a bit and was also looking at the online check-in function. I am surprised that in 2012 you still cannot print your boarding pass from all destinations which CX serves. The strange thing is that for all European destinations except Milan of course you can print your own boarding pass, whereas I basically cannot gain much from online check-in as I still need to bring that print out and exchange it for a boarding pass (I usually always ask for a standard boarding pass anyway but that is just due to my interest in aviation). Also mobile check-in is only possible from HKG and AKL which is basically useless if you are transiting through HKG or are flying in to HKG.

What's behind this system? One would expect that a five-star airline which is based in such a modern city would have a better system?

Also on a side note, is Italy a high yielding destination for them? Their business class fares are around € 1'000 cheaper than from any other European city.
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RE: CX Online Check-in Still Archaic?

Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:00 pm

Quoting LAX888 (Thread starter):

Could it be that the airport systems at MXP are not compatible with reading barcodes from a self printed boarding pass rather than it being a specifically CX issue?
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RE: CX Online Check-in Still Archaic?

Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:01 am

It's to do with the airports, like jumpjets said. I know for a fact that no airline (BA, BD, AF, even SV) out of RUH allows online check-in and there aren't any self-service machines in the terminal either. This could also be to do with security screening or emigration. Likewise at RUH I think they still tare your boarding pass as the gate desks are far away from the door to the jetway (there are scanners at the desk but these are never used until boarding is finished when they scan all the torn boarding passes).

I do think CX is behind on mobile boarding as I've certainly not seen an app for them yet, considering how large they are as an airline but likewise there might not be much demand for it. I know BA are very quick at releasing apps for many devices but I rarely see anyone use a mobile boarding pass or even a home printed one (on BD home printed ones were more common however).
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RE: CX Online Check-in Still Archaic?

Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:18 pm

Thanks planejamie. I know though that LX and LH use mobile boarding passes and home printed at MXP, so I guess it therefore must be more of a CX specific issue.

Yeah the thing with mobile boarding passes are that it is a bit cumbersome to show the boarding pass as you usually have to open the app or I usually make a screen shot so it is easier to retrieve and then you show it to be scanned. I usually get a printed one to make things simpler. However I like the feature in case you are running late and with hand luggage can immediately go to the gate. Also when transit counters are not open you already have a boarding pass and it makes it more convenient.

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