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Connecting In CDG - Questions

Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:36 pm


Flying PHL-DTW-LHR and LHR-JFK-PHL on DL mid-August and my inbound leg was modified by DL, therefore they are giving me the choice to change flights. I have the option of LHR-CDG-PHL with DL codeshare on AF and DL over the pond. I have a couple of questions.

1. DL is giving me an hour connection time. Is that enough? I know I will be arriving and departing from 2E at CDG.

2. Will I be subjected to customs/immigration at CDG, though I'm in transit? I have never connected in another country before, so I am unfamiliar.

3. Will my bags be automatically transferred to my PHL flight, or will I need to transfer them myself?

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RE: Connecting In CDG - Questions

Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:03 am

1. If all flights are to / from 2E, then 1h is doable, but still tight as it's a big terminal with lots of walking.
2. No customs / immigration, though you will have to pass a security check.
3. Your checked bags will be checked through, no need to worry about them.


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RE: Connecting In CDG - Questions

Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:45 pm

Having gone MAN-CDG-RUH before all on AF through Terminal 2E, it is doable but with a lot of walking.

If my memory is correct my MAN flight arrived/departed at one end of the long 'sausage' shaped pier of 2E along with Heathrow and other UK destinations nearby. There were a few long haul flights going out of there but the flight to RUH went from the satellite terminal which involved a short train ride and then a security check at the other end. Once useful thing is a barcode scanner upon arrival at 2E, it will tell you what gate you have for your flight instantly if you're on a tight connection and therefore you know exactly where you're going (the gates are well signposted). Security is pretty quick on the satellite side, but a little slower on the 'main' or sausage shaped 2E part (this may have changed since but when I was last there they had separate security checks, transit passengers were placed in an area between customs/immigration and security sort of semi land/airside).

I remember seeing a few DL flights departing from the satellite part of 2E but that was a couple of years ago and it has probably all changed since!

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