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For Which Aviation Last Names Would You Mary?

Sun Jul 15, 2012 4:52 pm

Most names of manufacturers in the aviation industry, and even some airline names, are actually the last name of the person who founded the company. Examples include Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, Fairchild, de Havilland, Junkers, Fokker, Antonov, Tupolev and dozens more.

So let's say you met a man / woman with a last name like that, and you had the chance to get that last name for yourself by marrying him or her.

Which name would you love to add to your name if given the chance? Myself, I think "Messerschmitt" would be an awesome name but a bit too military, so maybe not. Hughes might be a cool name too. I wouldn't mind Embraer or Saab either but those aren't actually names, just abbreviations.

So I think I would go for Jeppesen which is a really cool name. I'd print the old logo and attach it to my mail box:

To me that name sounds Scandinavian and for some reason I like it a lot, but maybe I'm just influenced by this girl  

How about you?
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RE: For Which Aviation Last Names Would You Mary?

Sun Jul 15, 2012 5:01 pm

Hmm... that's an interesting hypothetical question.   

Wright, Zeppelin, Piaggio and Montgolfier all sound nice to me. But my better half is a "Writer", so she isn't exactly cursed with an ugly family name. 
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