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Booking Classes On AC When Flying UA-codeshare

Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:42 pm

When flying UA Codeshare (ie from Calgary to London) operated by AC, I get confused what booking class I actually will end up flying. The milage accumulated will depend on the actual booking class flown on AC, so I am interested in knowing what the UA class translate to on AC-metal.

I found a Star Alliance Codeshare mapping tool online, but it shows almost all classes, but k-class.

Anybody know what K booking class UA-codeshare will actually translate to on AC?

If it's either A or L, I would only be accumulating 25% of the actual miles.

If it's Y, B, H, M, Q, S, T, K, U, V, W, it would be 100%.

Thanks in advance,

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