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Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:06 am

I have thought of another question a while ago. It has something to do with the two major airports between the US-Mexico boarder. Where would you fly from there, TIJ or SAN? People from the U.S.A. who wanted to visit or return to Mexico chooses Tijuana because it is a primary gateway to Mexico and it has low-cost carriers that is less than the ones in the U.S., while the others choose SAN because they do not have to worry about immigration that much and they have more airlines. But with Y4 flying to SAN from GDL and MEX doesn't make any sense because it has flights to GDL and MEX in TIJ as well. But anyways, which airport would you choose? I would go with TIJ if I want to fly to Mexico in lower prices.
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Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:09 am

This has been covered a couple of times before.
Flying from TIJ to anywhere in the USA makes very little sense. You can cross the border in San Ysidro go right to the airport and not have to deal with airport customs.
Also, flying back to TIJ would require a stop in customs too. It is extremely cheap and relatively easy to cross between San Diego and Tijuana by foot.

On the other hand, say you were wanting to go to Mexico City or anywhere else in Mexico, crossing over to Tijuana by foot and flying out from there would be a nice option as you would not have to go through customs upon arrival.

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Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:45 am

You will find that the Volaris fares from San Diego to Guadalajara and Mexico City are higher since these are international flights. Volaris has flights to just about every major city in Mexico from Tijuana. AeroMexico has a good number of options to places like Durange on AeroMexico Connect in addition to MEX and GDL. Interjet has service to MEX anf GDL with connections to Guatemala and Cuba. Since there is a lot of competition TIJ these carriers often offer discounted fares.

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