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Hints For BEG/SJJ Airports

Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:34 pm

Hi There,

in a few weeks I will be travelling with JAT to BEG and then to SJJ.

Schedule is:

FRA-BEG 14:50-16:40
BEG-SJJ 21:10-21:55

SJJ-BEG 06:30-07:10
BEG-FRA 12:00-14:00

I was hoping for some Jat/BEG/SJJ experts to help me out what to expect. I have been on JAT 3 or 4 years before and found the airplane quite old, service average and catering poor, but what to expect today? All flights are on 737 (BEG-SJJ-BEG were planned on ATR but now changed). I am flying coach.

Concerning BEG: I have long layovers, 3,5 hours outbound and almost 5 hours inbound. I remember the airside areas being very simple, not nice (this black dotted plastic bottom and grey/white walls), not a lot of windows, very few seating space... I don't want to wait all the time there. I have access to a lounge called "Business Club". Anyone been there? Is it decent and offers some views?
Otherwise I would consider leaving the airport. I remember it's far away from town, so not sure it will be worth heading to central Belgrade. But I remember there was an aviation museum near the airport. Is it worth it? opened on Sunday mornings? On the outbound I would maybe get a bite to eat. Is there a nice local and not to pricey restaurant near the airport?

Last question is concerning SJJ: My hotel is the Spa&Hotel Terme in Ildiza. How much will a taxi from the airport cost? I believe it's very close nearby. Priority Pass show I have access to 3 (!!) lounges in SJJ: First Class Lounge, Business Class Lounge, Travel Club. Which one would you suggest? I do not want to arrive earlier than necessary at the airport since 6:30 am on a Sunday is early enough. How long before departure would you suggest to be in SJJ? I would usually say 1,5 hours, but I believe SJJ is small. And not sure how organized it is, concerning check in, security, passport control.

All your comments are greatly appreciated!

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