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American Airlines Or Lufthansa First-Class Seats

Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:13 pm

I'm looking for photographs, publications, and/or promotional materials related to either the American Airlines Flagship Suite, the AAL first-class seats in use prior to the Flagship, or Lufthansa's first-class seat prior to the year 2002. In other words, I'd like to know exactly what these seats constituted (e.g., how they were configured, what they looked like, etc.) when they were being used prior to the year 2002. If anyone has any information in their personal archive, or knows of such information readily available through the Internet, it'd be greatly appreciated. I'd also be willing to pay for information provided that it is from the relevant time period (i.e., before 2002). Please contact me if you have access to this information.

Also, one particularly interesting question I have is, for the Lufthansa and AA first-class (non-Flagship) seats, I know that these seats recline back onto "stowage" compartments that support the seat back. Is any portion of these "stowage" compartments exposed so that a passenger could put his/her glasses or a drink in that area? Can't seem to find anything through general searching, although it strikes me from some photographs that that would be the case.

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