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Seeking A Travel Agent (ex-US To AU)

Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:20 pm


this is a urgent ticket inquiry for my either my spouse or my brother in law that needs to travel ASAP from either of the two origins (below) to Sydney, Australia. Their sister has been admitted last night into a NSW (Royal North Shore St Leonards) hospital emergency and time is of an essence. The preferred trip should start 8/30 or 8/31 (US timezones) and get to Sydney, Australia ASAP. If you are a travel agent that can deal with a short 1 week schedule out and back (from US, to US) and can provide Y class or below (family budget is limited!) fare, please contact me off list.

I'm asking on as some of the entire US regions are without power and comms, so things may not be working as they are supposed to be in the aviation industry. Again, reaching to Sydney, within 24-36 hours (from now) would be the ideal goal, if the ticket prices are not too exorbitant.

Potential departing points:
My spouse: Washington, DC (US citizen)
My brother in Law: potentially: Houston, TX (must confirm). (US Green card holder, Bangladesh pp)

Alternatively we have asked one of our uncles in UK to go to AU if he can spare the time, in that case, none of us will have to go at this time, but it is probably going to be needed if the situation gets complicated.

Sorry for sounding so obtuse, it has been a literally stressful last 12 hours. and the diagnosis of the patient has to be kept private.

Localtime in DC: 1013, on 8/30

MODS: I will delete this message thread when done thanks.

RESPONDERS: Please Instant Message me with your direct contact details, not post any specifics to the thread, unless it is good to know for the community.


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