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Has Anyone Here Flown UA 1593?

Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:34 pm


I'm booked to fly UA 1593 in October. At the time of booking, I somehow missed the fact that it is a direct flight from HNL to SEA that makes two stopovers in LAX and SFO.

It's 12 hours of flying time, and that's quite a bit for only 2,677 EQMs. I'm confused as to why they only will credit me the amount of PQMs (according to that are for a nonstop HNLSEA routing vs. the HNL-LAX-SFO-SEA routing, which would total to over 3,500 PQMs.

Since my terminating point is not Seattle, but rather Chicago, and I still have to book the SEA to ORD leg, I was considering the possibility of simply ditching out in LAX and taking a nonstop back to ORD. However, I'm concerned about what are the "risks" of doing this....will I still be able to earn PQMs on the HNL-LAX sector, and would they allow me to board an onward flight to ORD separately?
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