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Account Transfer - Miles & More To UA Mileage Plus

Sun Sep 16, 2012 3:45 pm

Hey guys,

A few days ago, when I was checking in for a United flight, the check in agent told me that I could transfer my miles and more account to united, giving me more benefits on UA flights such as complimentary upgrades to Y+, which I don't get with my Austrian airlines miles and more silver status. Yesterday I called united to ask for that and the answer was I can't do that and I' have to create a new mileage plus account with UA and start earning miles with them from zero. But that would also mean that I don't get to check bags for free until I've reached the status there.

So, is there any way to switch over my account to UA, keeping my status, since I'm flying UA a lot and earning most of my miles on flights with UA, or can I earn miles for my UA account while still being able to e.g. check bags for free because of my silver status with Austrian airlines? Or could I have the credit for UA flights taken the last 6 months off my account and have it put onto my new UA mileage plus account? Cause that would give me the Status with UA immediately.

Any help is appreciated  

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