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Need Help Finding Good Skyteam FF Program

Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:01 pm

Maybe you can help me with some opinions and suggestions here:

I'm a fairly frequent traveler but on a total mix of airlines and alliances and mostly on very cheap tickets. So I try to be in FF programs on all 3 alliances. I'm absolutely not interested in reaching status. I need a FF program that makes the most out of my Skyteam flights with low award prices. My awards are usually booked well in advance.

On Star Alliance, for example, I'm with United and they have an amazing FF program with the saver awards. I've booked some highly valuable itineraries with very few miles, their availability is usually excellent, especially since I don't need nonstops when booking awards.

Now back to Skyteam. I'll be flying Delta TATL a lot in the next years so I need to get a good FF program that I can get good TATL award flights with.

I'm currently a member of Delta's SkyMiles but the award levels are so incredibly high! Usually on UA I get TALT oneways for 30K miles, but on Skymiles it's usually more like twice as much! Plus they have very little availability on the lowest award levels even though I search well in the future.

So I'm ready to dump my SkyMiles membership and enroll elsewhere. Basically what I'm looking for is a program that compares to Mileage Plus, but on Skyteam. My awards will all be transatlantic. I need a program where the miles don't expire after a certain time but where I can extend them with activity. No matter if the activity period is short (like 6 months or a year). It does not need to be a European or North American airline, anything really, as long as I can book awards on transatlantic flights (mostly DL / AF / KL).

Any ideas?
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