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Air Europa Incident On 10/10, Any Info?

Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:01 am

I flew Air Europa on October 10th from Mad-Bcn. When I arrived at the gate in Madrid I noticed two police officers sitting in their car, waiting for the incoming flight. The equipment came in (B737-800 EC-HJQ) but the jetway was not engaged, rather a set of airstairs was rolled up to the rear door, it was opened, and the officers board then emerged escorting a man with dreadlocks from the plane. A while after that the officers returned to their car without the man in custody and the rest of the passengers deplaned onto a bus and were driven away. The buzz around the gate area was that the man had tried to open a door during the flight, but no official information was given out by Air Europa. I did a search on AvHerald but the most recent incident involving that aircraft was March 2012.

Can anyone provide more info on what might have happened?
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