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SkyMiles Reward Tkt; MSP-LIH. 35k. Can It Be Done?

Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:19 pm

Ya know, I've never ever booked a reward ticket before - on Delta or anyone else.

I'm not sure what to make of their award chat on their website - also my browser is unsupported and frame-y so I wasn't sure I was even looking at the right lines.

If I want to go from Minneapolis to Lihue this February or thereabouts, can it be done for 35,000 Sky Miles?

Have trouble believing this....   
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RE: SkyMiles Reward Tkt; MSP-LIH. 35k. Can It Be D

Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:47 pm simply no. Demand for warm weather destinations is high for February, and peaks at and near the President's Day holiday on 2/18. Everyone in a cold climate wants to head somewhere warm at the first break since New Year's so when you think warm, think big ticket prices for air, hotels and so on.
I searched MSP-LIH and MSP-HNL for you and found the lowest Y class award ticket to either location is 65000 miles and $10 in taxes for mid-week travel (Mon-Thur in both directions) and peaks at 77,500 miles near February 15th. First class ranges from 135,000 to 180,000 roundtrip per ticket.
Air fares range from $751 on 2/5 for a week's stay to $1038 and $1256 respectively to HNL and LIH for a week's stay 2/15-2/22. Those dates are peak demand due to the holiday on 2/18.
To compare. A MSP to Florida award ticket to TPA, MCO, FLL, or MIA is in the 32,500-to-40,000 mile range for February with airfares averaging $500+ roundtrip if you buy now. Thinking a Caribbean cruise from SJU? Award tickets average 50-to-70,000 miles per person roundtrip with airfares ranging from $800-to-$1200 for peak weekend dates.
Still want warm? I did find PHX and SAN award tickets at 32,500 for various dates including Friday and Saturday departures so comparable to Florida destinations.
Not warm but to compare. No award tickets to Europe, even mid-week less than 60K plus taxes.
I live in FL and the weather is nice here in February, but busy with snowbirds and cold weather vacationers....and the water is not warm by our standards.....but likely nice for someone from Minnesota! Good Luck with your plans,
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RE: SkyMiles Reward Tkt; MSP-LIH. 35k. Can It Be D

Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:23 pm

It can't be done for 35k miles. Lowest SkyMiles award level for mainland-Hawaii flights is 20k miles one way, so it will never be less than 40k round trip.

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