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Questions Re: First Class Services With CX

Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:04 pm

Hi fellow A.netters;

This will be my first time flying CX 473/880 TPE-HKG-LAX in First and I am wondering what sort of service can I expect at TPE, HKG, and inflight? The last time I was in HKG was 1999 so I'm very unfamiliar with making connection at HKG.

- Which lounge at HKG has the best view of the tarmac, food and drink services?
- What seats would you recommend on 744 and 77W? I'm thinking the "K" side because the "A" seats face the wall of the "D" seats when exiting seat (my OCD I guess...don't like to look at walls) on the 77W.
- Besides ordering Krug (is it pronounced KROOG?), what other special First Class perks should I take advantage of?

I've flown Business frequently on CI, AA, DL, and UA but am not familiar with First Class and CX's services. I understand that CX has very good First products. Thanks in advance for all of your advices!

Taiwanese-American :D

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