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AAL9249 RNO-DFW 2/3/2013

Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:24 pm

Just for you A.netters that read into these things. AAL had a broke MD80 at RNO yesterday AAL1826 RNO-DFW departing at 11:25 AM arriving DFW at 2:35 PM. The aircraft had a windshield heater that wasn't working properly. This would not normally be a big deal if it was clear enroute. In addition to the heater problem the acft. had a pack out which would necessitate flight ay FL240 or below. Unfortunately there were clouds enroute at that altitude and after one hour of the mechanics trying to fix the heater problem to no avail the flight was cancelled. The crew ferried the broke aircraft operating as AAL9667 from RNO-SFO for repairs. A reserve crew was called up to ferry a B738 operating as AAL9249 SFO-RNO-DFW to take me as well as 64 of my fellow passengers to DFW. AAL had already made other arrangements for the remainder of the passengers (81) who were making connections at DFW. Flight 9249 left RNO at 5:30 PM and Arrived at DFW at 10:16 PM.

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