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Qatar Airways Check In Time

Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:07 pm

Hello everybody

I just wonder, these days most people check in online, and like me, I go to the airport to get a proper boarding pass, and also to check my baggage in. I have just booked a trip to Bali from Manchester, and in receipt of the e ticket, I saw a note that 'economy passengers need to check in at least 3 hours'. My flight leaves at 1405, so I need to be at the airport by 1105 and checked in, and checked my baggage too?

Unfortunately, the Qatar website does not give any useful informaiton, but 'at least 3 hours' should be wrong, am I right? I look forward to all your replies!

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RE: Qatar Airways Check In Time

Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:28 pm

The check-in opens 3 hours before, and for economy it will shut 1 hour before the flight. For Business it is 45 minutes before the flight. I guess they write this to encourage people to check-in on time.
As long as you check-in before counter close it is fine.
Btw, you can still do online check-in. They will reprint your boarding pass at the counter. It is much better as you skip the ques, and for QR, there are a lot of VFR passengers with a tonne of luggage so you can end up waiting long for your turn.

Hope this helps
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