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Taxes On BA From Latin America.

Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:39 am

I have a question about the taxes from Latin America to LHR on British Airways. I was recently booking 2 flights from GRU and EZE to Heathrow.

The following refers to booking flights using miles.

The costs were 50k Miles in Economy from Buenos Aires with a tax charge of over U$750
90k miles, in First from Sao Paulo with a tax of U$35.

This seems slightly ridiculous. Especially since with AAdvantage you could add 40k miles onto your acount for around $1k, and then, on top of this you fly FIRST rather than economy for only 260 dollars more (including the miles added to your account).

Admittedly, if you lived in Argentina, you would have to pay 300 dollars more for a flight up to Sao Paulo.... making it a total of $560 dollars more to fly in FIRST rather than ECONOMY.

If you did the math for Club World, it would be less still. Around $200 dollars.

Can anyone explain why these things are so out of sync and ridiculous..?


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RE: Taxes On BA From Latin America.

Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:47 am

Fuel surcharges are not taxes.

The Brazilian government does not allow fuel surcharges to be charged on award tickets.
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RE: Taxes On BA From Latin America.

Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:53 am

Quoting bcworld (Reply 1):
Fuel surcharges are not taxes.

My mistake if this is the case, on the booking form it all comes up as the same!

It does seem a little bit ludicrous..! Makes it cheeper to fly in First than in Economy.
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RE: Taxes On BA From Latin America.

Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:28 am

BA (and a couple of others) charge their hefty fuel surcharge on award travel on their metal (where legal), even requiring their FQTV partners to collect it. It's disguised in pricing displays since IATA allows carriers to put such charges in a Tax Box on a ticket. AA / AAdvantage and AS / Mileage Plan award bookings that include travel on BA include the fees in their pricing. Not sure, but I think IB may stick you for their surcharge as well. Adding to the grief is the fact that for government taxes, the surcharges are considered the same as taxable air fare, so you get to pay extra taxes that do not apply when the ticket is totally free.

You're actually better off using your BA, AAdvantage and AS miles to fly on AA metal, as AA doesn't collect their own surcharges on an award ticket on AA.

Then of course their is the hideous UK APD which ruins any free ticket departing the UK.... doubled in a premium cabin.... but that's a level curse for all carriers and passengers.

There are additional taxes out of some South American countries that apply even to free tickets. In at least one, agents have to figure out the lowest published fare on a route and charge the percentage tax applicable to that phantom amount on your "free" ticket.

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RE: Taxes On BA From Latin America.

Mon Mar 11, 2013 3:48 am

Most if not all European carriers (and probably many other non-US carriers) require payment of their varying fuel surcharges, in addition to government/airport taxes, on redemption bookings. There are some exceptions, for example KLM recently dropped the fuel surcharge and only charges government/airport taxes but only for travel within Europe (and some adjacent points like Israel and North Africa).

I was recently thinking of burning some Flying Blue miles for a trip to Montreal/Toronto and one available routing option involved travel in one direction via DTW on a DL-operated flight. The total taxes/fees for that routing were quite a bit lower than for routings on KLM flights both ways, no doubt because DL doesn't assess the fuel surcharge on redemption bookings.

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