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Moving Around Concourses At MIA

Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:52 pm

I am flying MIA-SFO on AA in June. The same morning, my parents are flying MIA-LAX-SFO on DL (they're SkyTeam FFs, I'm a OneWorld FF).

AA use concourse D, DL use concourse H at MIA. Is it possible for, say, my parents to go through security at D and then walk through the airside part of the terminal to concourse H? Or vice versa - for me to go through security in H and then walk all the way to D? I've never "connected" in MIA as such, but I've used it as an O&D point before so I don't know what the rules/ways are of changing concourses while airside.

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RE: Moving Around Concourses At MIA

Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:45 pm

Yes, reasonably easy BUT, keep a VERY close eye on the security lines. Particularly concourse D, it is the biggest cluster**** I have ever been a part of and has been every time I have been through. There are times the queue extends way beyond the ropes and they will have 1-2 lines of screeners who are the most incompetent of any airport in the world. The worst I can recall it took about 2.5hrs just to clear security (Oct 2012).
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RE: Moving Around Concourses At MIA

Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:49 am

The concourse E security checkpoint is generally easier. I used it over the D option (and I have priority access) because it is so much smoother and faster. My gate on Tuesday was D1 and I preferred the walk from the E checkpoint of the mess of the D checkpoint.
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RE: Moving Around Concourses At MIA

Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:42 pm

Quoting DAL763ER (Thread starter):

The advice above is incorrect thought. NO you can't go between concourse D and H on the airside. Only concourse D and E or concourse H and J which the two are the North Terminal and South Terminal are connected airside after security. There is no path between concourse D and H post security. I do not think TSA will even allow you with an AA ticket to go into security in the South Terminal and the same with your parents to go through security in the North Terminal with a DL ticket. If you were able to you would have to exit the concourse and go through security again. There are some food courts, resturants and shops before security though. But not as nice as the stuff available in those two nice terminals. The Admirals Clubs and the Delta Club are great there though.

Quoting planeguy727 (Reply 2):

Yes E security it usually better and you can always take the sky train to a low D gate.
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