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US Airways A319 Registration!

Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:38 pm

My father flew US Airways MYR-CLT-JFK last night and since I saw his a320 at the gate at JFK I know it was N122US but I was hoping somebody could help me find the registration for flight 1007 from MYR-CLT? If it helps it continued on to PIT.

Many thanks!  
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RE: US Airways A319 Registration!

Sat Jun 15, 2013 4:37 am

US1007 (MYR-CLT-PIT) is not found in any of the usual registration sites such as FlightRadar24 or FlightAware.

However, the flight that left PIT the next day (June 14th) from the gate where US1007 arrived late on the 13th was flown by N128UW. No guarantee this is the one, you'll need someone from US Airways ops to verify I guess.

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