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Shaky Bumpy Kolkata, India Runway

Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:14 pm


Last month I flew into Kolkata, India (CCU). On the way back, I was seated in the first row 1A of QR 295. The flight load was decent, but the business class had only one pax - me. The quipment was A320. During the takeoff roll, into about 25 sec, I felt what it appeared to be a good bump. Everything rattled and shook significantly. I was actually a bit shaken. Then, in another 5 sec, there was another bump not quite as strong as the first one. Then, we became airborne. This is the first time I felt these bumps in CCU. I did not feel anything when we landed.

Also, in Dec 2012, I flew in and out of CCU in an A332 operated by EK and was seated towards the rear of the plane. I didn't feel anything then.

Were the bumps stronger because of a smaller aircraft and low J class load, and I was seated almost directly over the front wheels? I recorded both the landing and take off. However, I cannot post that here. It is evident in the takeoff.

I also came across this article which discusses CCU's bumpy runway:


My question is that does this not pose a danger to the planes? As per the article, nothing seems to be happening despite pilots' bringing attention to this issue.



PS: just posted a trip report on this trip.  

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