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My Future Non-revenue Trip With Emirates

Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:27 pm

Good morning all friends,

for my future Holiday next september I planned a trip to the Seychelles islands,
therefore I'll fly Emirates from LHR to DXB and DXB to SEZ .

Can somebody help me with the EK loads between DXB-SEZ and SEZ-DXB please?

Any of you have it already done ? How was the situation as Non-Revenue pax ?

All advises are very welcome and in advance "Thank you very much"

Good night from Brussels

Pat 747
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RE: My Future Non-revenue Trip With Emirates

Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:12 pm

Hi Pat, my wife and I will make a similar trip, AMS-DXB-SEZ beginning next nov, both in C.
One ticket paid, the other one burning Skywards miles.
Ususlly the A388 segments to DXB, either feom AMS or LHR will have 90%+ Loadfactors.
On the leg to SEZ, EK schedules an A345, capacity wise comparable to a B772 I believe. With about 2 months to go, I can see that the C cabin is reserved for 50%.

When you pay your ticket with FQFT miles, it is paid. EK will treat you the same way as any other pasenger, in other words as a REV (does this term exist?) passenger.

Have a nice flight and nice stay in Mahe!
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RE: My Future Non-revenue Trip With Emirates

Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:25 pm

Hi Aart,

thank you very much for your reply  

As a United staff we have an agreement with EK but only in Y not C , but in the meantime
I received from contacts in CDG some ideas over the loads and it seems to be "ok" .

It seems that it is not the big season at the end of september and begin of october  

So my routing will be BRU-ZRH-DXB-SEZ because we do not have flights out of BRU to DXB...

Aart, I'll tell you my trip in details when I'll be back from SEZ and once again thanks.

Goede avond en tot ziens,


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