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Hong Kong - Phuket - Bangkok - Brisbane Flights

Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:22 pm

Hi Everyone

I'm considering a trip to Hong Kong next March for a few days and then afterwards flying to Phuket for a few days before flying to BNE via Bangkok. I've searched TG, SQ and Eva but airfares are $2000+ for HKG-Phuket-Thailand. What other airlines offer those sectors? I would prefer direct but am willing to look at connecting services and I'm happy to look at other options to get from Phuket to BNE
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RE: Hong Kong - Phuket - Bangkok - Brisbane Flight

Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:11 pm

You should check AirAsia (www.airasia.com). They have direct flight from HKG to HKT and from HKT to OOL via KUL.
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RE: Hong Kong - Phuket - Bangkok - Brisbane Flight

Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:06 pm

Cathay pacific/ dragon air. Air Asia. Thai airways. Hong kong airlines. They all fly the route between Hong Kong and Phuket.

Air Asia will only be $100 or so before the fees start.
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RE: Hong Kong - Phuket - Bangkok - Brisbane Flight

Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:01 am

The most direct way from HKG to HKT is on KA - Dragonair however they are on of the more expensive carriers. Their website shows a one way flight at about HKD4380 plus taxes of HKD320. Alternatively try FD - Thai Air Asia who also fly this route non-stop. Fare is about HKD774 plus taxes of HKD325. Way cheaper.

TG - Thai Airways or PG - Bangkok Airways will be cheap for a one way fare for HKT to BKK. About AUD180.00 including taxes when I price it.

QF - Qantas for BKK-SYD-BNE can be had for about AUD685.00 including taxes.

You would basically book one way sectors for all the flights to get the cheapest itinerary rather than bundling the itinerary together.
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