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FAA Says No To FAR/AIM...

Mon May 08, 2000 5:54 am

I read somewhere (yes, I was not paying much attention at the time where and when!!!) that the FAA disapproves the use of the FAR/AIM for training purposes. Is that true, and if yes, where can I learn more about this?

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Mon May 08, 2000 6:26 am

I would suggest that you read part 141 of the FAR's if you want to find out for yourself (and part 61 also)

1.) it explicity says that applicable subjects of the AIM must be covered in a private pilot program.

2.) as PIC you are responsible for knowing and complying with the FAR's.

those two things alone disprove the bs you thought you read.

However, what you read might have been applied to wx and other set minimums.

ie. if it is marginal weather, you shouldn't be doing pre-solo training with a new student, although technically, according to the FAR's, you might be doing it legally...

I think that's the case, they are telling you to be "safer" than the FAR's require, and not pushing the envelope (cloud clearances, decision heights, et al). I certainly don't think any author would be ignorant enough to write that you shouldn't own a copy of the FAR/AIM before you get your license because the FAA discourages it.


RE: FAA Says No To FAR/AIM...

Thu May 11, 2000 8:43 am

No way !

The FAA will never says no to FAR/AIM ! That's a non sens!
It's the responsability of the PIC to know and comply with the current regulation. Also the AIM is published by the FAA as a recommendation/information manual on how to operate in the US system.

So why saying to a student pilot not to use/know (!!!) the FAR/AIM ? It's a part of his training, Especially with Instrument/Comm/ATP and 135/121 checkride. And more, we are all student for ever so...use and learn your FAR/AIM (and the current version...).


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