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777 Engine Upgrade? Please Answer!

Sun May 21, 2000 2:13 am

I heard that 777 engines can get an upgrade (an 'engine chip' or something), in which they are allowed to go greater distances after taking off from shorter runways. The nonstop route I heard was SAN(which has a 9400ft runway) to LGW. Can someone please tell me what the upgrade is and the general range? Thanks. I have no knowledge in this area and I really want to know!

Aaron G.

RE: 777 Engine Upgrade? Please Answer!

Sun May 21, 2000 5:42 am

All EEC equiped engines have software select capability for different takeoff thrust ratings. I'm not sure what upgrade you're referring to but on the PW4000 an external program plug selects different software in the EEC to set the ratings. Available on the PW is 74,500, 77,200, 84,600, or 90,000 lbs takeoff thrust. Similarly GE have software pin programming in the EEC , RR an external data entry plug selects different software.

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