Safety Question?

Thu May 25, 2000 2:24 am

Just a quick question...

How safe and reliable do you aviation fanatics consider the MD-80 to be?

I am getting on a TWA MD-80 going from LGA to PBI soon.

I would also like to know what kind of engines do they utilize?

Thanks everyone.

RE: Safety Question?

Thu May 25, 2000 3:25 am

MD-80 series aircraft are prolific and very safe. The recent crash of the Alaska Airlines MD-83 led to a series of mandated inspections on all horizontal stabilizers. Other than that, I don't like to comment on something that isn't officially released yet.

That aside, there have been very few other incidents involving the MD-80 series aircraft--it has proved reliable and is used around the world. It is similar in design to the DC-9 with 2 X 3 seating in coach--it is just stretched out. On the flight deck, the MD-80 series comes with an overhead EFIS, and its avionics are up-to-date.

The MD-80 you fly on will, most likely, be powered by two PW JT8D-217 A/Cs that produce 20,000 lbs of thrust.
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RE: Safety Question?

Thu May 25, 2000 7:17 am

I can absolutely stand to the above.

As in every 'strange' aircraft accident, suddently people start to see stange things with the type. And when you finally read the accident repost, you see that none of the other reported 'incidents' were real.

The MD80 is a very fine design. It has, as every aircraft type, some particularities when flying it, due to it's layout, but these are very well manageable. It is a very fine piece of machinery, and would Boeing not have bought Douglas, we would still be ebjoying to see more MD90s coming out of Long Beach.

Enjoy your flight...
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RE: Safety Question?

Thu May 25, 2000 1:49 pm

Extremely safe and very reliable! You can fail virtually everything and the plane will still fly. It didn't get nicknamed "MD Cable&Pully Assembly" for nothing.  

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