Throttle Settings For Non-hushed 727s

Sun Jun 18, 2000 11:52 am

What is a typical takeoff throttle setting for a 727-200 without hushkits, keeping it below Stage III? I know there are a variety of them depending on conditions- let's say a/c is 80% full, OAT is 75 deg. F, and runway length is 7,500 ft.
Could it be done within the noise levels? If so, what settings would be used?
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RE: Throttle Settings For Non-hushed 727s

Tue Jun 20, 2000 5:45 am

LOUD AND PROUD!!!!      


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RE: Throttle Settings For Non-hushed 727s

Fri Jun 23, 2000 11:53 pm

Hi N-156F, Buzz here. Well, when i'd take a 727 out for a power assurance run the max EPR was 2.12 on the side engines, 2.10 on the center engine.
Of course i didn't worry about the Stage 3 noise regulations. I was interested in a different kind of noise abatement: the sound of a 727 running off the end of the runway (grin).
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