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Tire Replacement

Mon Jun 26, 2000 10:17 am

Three days ago on my return flight home from AMS to MSP on a KLM 747-300, I was looking out the window while we were taxing. When we pulled out on the active runway I noticed how much rubber is on the runway from landings. My question is how many landings can the big Goodyear tires take before needing replaced? Does it matter if it is the nose wheel or main gear? Or does it also depend on what type of plane it is?

Thank you for your help!

aaron atp
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RE: Tire Replacement

Mon Jun 26, 2000 11:22 am

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RE: Tire Replacement

Mon Jun 26, 2000 11:36 am

VW, There are many variable's that can cause a tire to be changed. the tires on a 747 are usually 49 ply tires and can take quite abit of abuse. compare that to the 2 or 3 ply tires on your car. tires are required to be changed usually when the ply cord is visible. this happens when a tire hits the runway on landing. the tire is not spinning and when the tire hits the runway at 120 mph or better it skids until it catches up with the speed of the plane (hence the rubber on the runway that you mentioned). many times tires run over foriegn objects when on the runway or when taxiing, tires have a maximum cut depth limit then they must be changed....usually5/8" depending on the tire wear. another reason to change tires is pilot's. some pilots have lead feet when it comes to applying brakes and can wear a tire down in a hurry. there are no set amount of landings for changing a tire. as a foot note ...us mechanics really would rather not change tires if we had a choice (which we don't) , a wheel and tire on a 747 can weigh around 250 - 300 pounds and they take quite abit of brute force to change. one of the worst nightmares a 747 mechanic could have is for the aircraft to land and the anti-skid fails, many times this will blow many tires at once. the 747 has 16 main gear tires and I have had to change all 16 at once do to an anti-skid failure...not a fun thing.

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