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Kai Tak Runway Config.

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:19 am

Could somebody tell me what the runway config. was at the old Kai Tak Hong Kong and length of runway(s)?

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RE: Kai Tak Runway Config.

Thu Jul 06, 2000 9:44 am

Until 1958 there were two runways, the longer one being 5500 ft or so. They were built by the Japanese? When the famous runway 13/31 opened in 1958 (length 8350 ft) the two older runways closed. The single runway was extended to 11000+ feet in the 1970's.
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RE: Kai Tak Runway Config.

Mon Jul 10, 2000 2:54 am

What happened to this famed airport? Is going to be demolished?

- Neil Harrison
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RE: Pilot1113

Mon Jul 10, 2000 1:58 pm

As far I know, there is a golf course at the other end of Runway 13, where 31 starts if you look the other direction. The terminal building is still standing and progress have been slow due to the still prevailing democracy. So many people objected to the original goverment plan to build loads of roads there and reclaim even more harbour that they had to come up with a brand new plan. They are now proposing a 'green' city where roads are underground and on the surface, trolley buses run like modern trams.

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